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    GLEE's Final Season Will Go Somewhere New; Finale Focuses on Rachel and Will.


    Showrunner Ryan Murphy, busy with hihs HBO film The Normal Heart as well as the upcoming American Horror Story has detailed how fans should expect the long-running Fox series GLEE to end in it's sixth and final season.

    “The final season is its own story in its own location; it is not New York-centric at all. It really is a lovely, fitting season that dwells on the original people on the show and what happens to them and how they give back. … We’ll revisit some of the new kids that came and went, there’s a return of [Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester] and [Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester] in a big way.”

    As Season 5 has mostly taken place in New York City and moved away from McKinley High with an almost new set of characters, Murphy told TV Line that they are reaching out to any and all cast that want to return to send off the hit musical drama as well as doing a time jump.

    We are going to do a time jump. And my feeling about the last season of Glee is very clear, and that is that we have, or we will be, reaching out to all the regulars on the show — the original group of glee club members and teachers, and anyone who wants to come back. Anyone who wants to be a part of the show, we welcome them. I know people are saying, “Well, why isn’t Heather [Morris] on the show now?” and things like that. 

    Murphy then opened up about the tragic passing of star Corey Monelith and how it affected the series' ending plans:

    We talk about this in the writers’ room all the time. That’s a really hard, very painful, very difficult thing for the show. I’ve said it before, and it was even in Cory’s eulogy, but that was the ending of the show for me, these two star-crossed lovers having a happy ending and both getting their dreams. So the fact that that can’t be is a big pain in all of our hearts. 

    You can read the full article at TV Line, and GLEE will enter it's final season next year. 


    A&E Will Check Back Into the BATES MOTEL for a Third Season 


    White Pine Bay has it's fair share of secrets, and A&E is hoping to stick around to uncover some more of them.
    Based on Alfred Hitchcock's acclaimed PSYCHO (based in turn off the novel of the same name), Bates Motel premiered in 2013 to rave reviews and shot to become A&E's most watched drama, so it's no surprise the drama series would get renewed again.

    From Variety, David McKillop, A&E Network Exec VP and General Manager said:

     “The incredible writing team and talented ‘Bates Motel’ cast has made this series one of the most compelling original dramas on television,” McKillop said in a statement. “The brilliant twists and turns of the past two seasons keep its loyal fanbase coming back for more. We are so proud of the show.”

    Production will begin in the fall, with Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga as well as the rest of the series' stellar cast expected to return (unless some people start dropping like flies).


    WrestleMania XXX Results: Two Undefeated Streaks Come To An End

    Less than 24 hours reeling off of WrestleMania XXX, one of the greatest WrestleMania events in WWE history, the WWE Universe is still buzzing. This article is simply to give you an opinionated recap of the events that took place on April 6th, 2014, however, future articles may be completely differently formatted than what's here. Whether you liked it or not (there is no reason to not like it), this will be a WrestleMania remembered for the ages. Why? Because it was eventful, it had fantastic matches and the crowd were incredibly involved. They brought genuine emotion and enthusiasm from all over the world. And one thing's for sure, the WWE Universe is one of the most involved crowds in any sport and they have already taken to the internet to complain.

    The night started off with a bang. The host of WrestleMania XXX himself, Hulk Hogan came out to greet the fans and welcome them to WrestleMania. Even though he kept slipping and calling the venue the "Silverdome" (the site of WrestleMania 3), Hogan was able to make a good save and say he was thinking about bodyslamming Andre The Giant, something the man is obviously proud of. Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin who hadn't made a WrestleMania appearance in years. He cuts a short promo praising Hogan and the accomplishment of WrestleMania when none other than the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment comes out...The Rock. The Rock cuts a promo saying how the legacy of WrestleMania wouldn't have been big today. He says that Daniel Bryan would not be fighting against the authority if Stone Cold Steve Austin never stood up against Vince McMahon. All in all, it's a fantastic promo and it ends with them drinking beer. If you didn't "mark out" during this, than you're really not a wrestling fan. What The Rock said was undeniably true...but we just didn't know it yet. This WrestleMania, from a storytelling standpoint, was all about legacy.

    The first match of the night was a shocker, it was Daniel Bryan vs Triple H in a clean, singles match. The winner of the match would go on to compete in a triple threat match against Batista and Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Honestly, this match was one of Triple H's best. The storytelling was there, the crowd involvement was hot and the entrance was awesome. There were moments where you thought that Daniel Bryan could actually lose. It was quite suspenseful, and as a wrestling fan, I was on the edge of my seat. Eventually, Daniel Bryan pulled a running knee out of nowhere and won clean over Triple H, which lead to Stephanie (who was wearing an outfit that would make you want to create some #RockBabies) distracting Bryan so Triple H could get a beat-down on him before he enters the Triple Threat. All-in-all, a completely perfect and satisfying match that got the crowd hot.

    The next match of the night was the shortest, but somehow not the worst. The Shield vs Kane and the New Age Outlaws lasted little over three-minutes long yet it was one of the most fun and thrilling six-man tags I've seen in the past few weeks. It was a showcase of quick, greatly paced spots and The Shield dominated throughout, and a line of commentary from JBL said "There goes the Attitude Era", and he's right. The Shield united together, victorious over Kane and The New Age Outlaws, ushering a new age of superstars. It doesn't seem like WWE is breaking up the vicious and fantastic stable yet, seeing as this match sensically put the glue back between the pieces that were falling apart since Elimination Chamber. The Shield are one of the tag teams that you can't imagine ending, and I hope they last as long as possible even though Roman Reigns deserves a shot into stardom via a singles run.

    With the crowd still hot, the Andre The Giant Memorial Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal started and was sort of a mess at first, but as superstars started to get eliminated one-by-one, the match started to clear up. As usual, Kofi Kingston did a very cool "eliminated-but-saved" spot that he usually does in Royal Rumble matches. In this match, Kofi Kingston was launched over the turnbuckle to the outside, but kept his feet on the metal stairs thus preventing an elimination. Unfortunately for poor Mr Kingston, he met his doom once again. In another very unfortunate event, Santino had eliminated The Miz, ending his 4-0 WrestleMania match streak. However, The Miz is still undefeated in singles competition at WrestleMania. Anyway, The match ended with Cesaro and Big Show in the ring, and whilst you hope Cesaro is going to win it, there's still a deep part of you that feels that Big Show will obviously win it. Lucky for us, Cesaro lifted the Giant and threw him over the top rope, winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and earning the coveted trophy.

    One of my highly-anticipated matches was next, and that was John Cena vs Bray Wyatt. Following an incredible live performance from Mark Croser and The Rels, John Cena came out pretty much plain and simple this year. The match was off and boy, it was fan-fucking-tastic. Even the camera work was well done, in my opinion. John Cena and Bray Wyatt put on a psychology clinic here. The storytelling, the character building, all of it was really great especially seeing how involved the crowd was with the story being told. For example, there was a time that they trusted Bray Wyatt and they joined him in singing. It was incredibly eerie, and definitely fit the character well. All-in-all, John Cena got the expected win and honestly, I have no idea why people complained. I never saw that Bray would win, especially with this Legacy theme. The story was, essentially, that if Cena lost, everything he worked for over the years would be de-legitimized. He'd have to turn heel or go into exile. Maybe smarks can use some logic before complaining next year.

    Next up was the not-so-built-up Lesnar vs Undertaker match, the traditional WrestleMania spectacle. And from a point-of-view, the match was incredibly slow and weak. There wasn't anything special to it. Brock Lesnar threw a few punches, did a few grapples, but Taker always reversed it into one of his signature moves, hoping that he could somehow pull out the win. After two hell's gates and a kimura lock, Brock Lesnar would still not stay down. Taker eventually pulled out a tombstone, which was reversed by Brock into an F5 and Brock Lesnar ultimately got the three-count on the Undertaker, breaking the streak. The crowd fell into utter shock. There was silence. Brock Lesnar's music didn't play. The crowd didn't boo. They didn't cheer. It was just a shell-shock of a moment in the wrestling world. Conspiracy theories have been thrown around that it was a botch, a mistake, Lesnar changed the finish pre-match.......nope. It was all planned, and it was executed brilliantly. The match was actually pretty clever, and Taker had always wanted Brock to beat the streak. In 2010, he met Brock at a UFC event and they had an "altercation". Last year at WrestleMania Axxess, Undertaker pointed to a picture of Brock Lesnar on a brochure and hinted that it might be his last. Anyway, Taker respects Brock, and vise-versa. It was an incredible moment in time and will be talked about for years to come in the WWE whether you liked it or not.

    The second-to-last match was the Divas Championship Invitational which was a cluster-fuck of divas just rolling out and entering the ring by hitting each other with special moves. I don't even honestly remember it. It was a HUGE blur and the crowd was even dead from Taker losing. Eventually, AJ won the match by tapping out Naomi (who sort of botched the finish) and it was one-and-done in less than 8 minutes. Nice filler between the main event for people to calm down about Taker's loss and gather their bearings.

    The night ended with a very, very good triple threat championship match full of exciting spots. Batista, Orton and Bryan will in full-form tonight and no one got blown up or out of shape. Quite a few fun false finishes and insane spots, including a spot where Batista did his finisher on the announce table to Bryan, but Orton caught him mid-air and RKO'd him through the table. Unfortunately for Orton, he landed back-first on a monitor and could've seriously injured his back. Luckily, he didn't, but you damn well know he felt the pain. Eventually, Bryan worked through the pain of his shoulder and was able to lock in a "yes Lock!" on Batista and make him tap out, essentially winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after 8 months of brutal punishment by The Authority. Albeit predictable, it was a very fun match with an enjoyable ending, although Taker's loss really killed a lot of the momentum from the crowd for his celebration. The crowd were simultaneously "YES!"ing but something felt very off, nonetheless, this indie schmuck has finally earned the WWE Title.


    All-in-all, WrestleMania was a very enjoyable PPV and one of the best Manias in a very, long time. CM Punk didn't return, because really, there was no room for him. Sting didn't debut, because it wouldn't have made sense (especially with Taker losing) and there were no surprise gimmick promos or live performances, everything was quickly paced and to the point. If this is how things will be with Paul Levesque running WWE when Vince is dead and gone, then it'll be amazing.


    The Avengers Meet The Guardians Of The Galaxy...On DisneyXD

    Revealed by EntertainmentWeekly, an episode of Marvel's Avengers Assemble will feature the four main characters of The Guardians of The Galaxy. The episode will feature Iron Man leading Galactus to another planet to prevent an invasion on Earth. He later finds out that this planet is protected by the Guardians. John DiMaggio voices Galactus, Billy West (Futurama) voices Rocket Raccoon and the late Michael Clarke Duncan voices Groot. The Guardians previously appeared an in episode of Ultimate Spider-Man last year.


    Check out a clip below.


    First Trailer and Images from New AMC Series 'Halt and Catch Fire'

    With Breaking Bad now over, The Walking Dead just finishing up it's fourth season, and Mad Men on its way out next year; AMC is looking for its next big hit.

    Halt and Catch Fire just might be it.

    Set in Texas during the early 1980s, this new drama series takes place during the rise of the PC era and centers on a former IBM executive (Lee Pace) who recruits a once-great engineer (Scoot McNairy) and a volatile prodigy (Mackenzie Davis) to reverse engineer the new IBM PC.

    While the trailer is brief - proving to be more of a teaser than anything else - it certainly sets the mood and tone for the show as something truly different and unique than what networks are typically cranking out these days.  Maybe that's why AMC continues to be successful.

    See below for a look at the trailer along with official images and synopsis.

    Halt and Catch Fire premieres Sunday, June 1st at 10pm ET/PT.


    “Halt and Catch Fire” is set roughly one year after IBM all but corners the market with the release of its first major product — the IBM PC. It is also the same year people realize that the IBM PC has a fatal flaw, which quickly makes personal computing anyone’s game. In this fictional drama, a former IBM executive, Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace), plans to reverse-engineer the flagship product of his former employer, and he forces his current company, Cardiff Electric, into the personal computer race. MacMillan enlists the help of Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy), a once-great engineer who dreams of creating a revolutionary product while trying to manage his initially unsupportive wife, Donna (Kerry Bishé), and Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis), a volatile prodigy who puts her future in jeopardy to join MacMillan’s rogue PC project. “Halt and Catch Fire” thrives on the spirit of innovation and explores what it’s like to stand at the forefront of something truly great and world-changing and work toward it, no matter the risk.

    Source:  AMC


    New Promo for 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: Every Second Counts


    Jack Baur returns this May to FOX with a special 12 episode mini-series, 24: Live Another Day, and in the mean-time here's a new promo showing just how high the stakes have gotten for Baur (who now has a sleeve tattoo which is just so damn sexy).

    24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY is a thrilling new event series set to restart the ticking clock on the groundbreaking and Emmy Award-winning drama. 
    The high-octane saga reunites the Emmy Award-winning team of executive producer Howard Gordon; star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland; co-creator Robert Cochran; executive producers, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, David Fury, Brian Grazer and director Jon Cassar. It also will retain the real-time, pulse-pounding, fast-paced format with split screens and interweaving storylines. 
    Set and shot in London, the suspenseful event series once again will follow the exploits of heroic agent JACK BAUER (Sutherland). Four years ago, Jack was a fugitive from justice. Now an exile, he nevertheless is willing to risk his life and freedom to avert yet another global disaster. Tracking Jack are CIA head STEVE HARRIS (Benjamin Bratt, "Law & Order"); CIA agent KATE MORGAN (Yvonne Strahovski, "Dexter"), who is both resourceful and ruthless; JORDAN REED (Giles Matthey, "Jobs"), a smart and sophisticated CIA computer tech; and ERIK RITTER (Gbenga Akinnagbe, "The Wire"), a sharp, strong and arrogant field operative. Calling the shots is JAMES HELLER (William Devane, "The Dark Knight Rises"), now President of the United States. Heller is flanked by his Chief of Staff MARK BOUDREAU (Tate Donovan, "Damages"), who is married to Heller's daughter -- Jack's former flame, AUDREY (Kim Raver, "Revolution"). Meanwhile, a hardened CHLOE O'BRIAN (Mary Lynn Rajskub, "Firewall"), Bauer's CTU confidante, is now working underground with high-profile hacker ADRIAN CROSS (Michael Wincott, "The Crow"). Guest stars on 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY include Golden Globe Award winner Judy Davis ("Life with Judy Garland") and Golden Globe Award nominee Stephen Fry ("Alice in Wonderland," BONES). The harrowing day will have Jack attempting to thwart an unthinkable terrorist attack that could change the world forever.


    First Official Look At Selina Kyle In FOX's "Gotham" & More Set Pics

    Courtesy of Warner Bros TV, they have released the first official still of Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, who will in the future become the notorious villian known as Catwoman. Below, we also have a couple set photos from recent filming (via GothamSite) featuring more shots of Bicondova as Selina, as well as young Bruce Wayne. 

    Gotham already has a full series order and is set to debut this fall starring Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock and Robin Taylor Lord as Oswald Cobblepot.


    Story Trailer for FX's FARGO 


    FX is on the ball when it comes to dramatic television, with such hits as Justified, The Bridge, The Americas, American Horror Story and now adding an anthology-based series off of the Coen Brothers acclaimed 1996 film of the same name, with the Coens themselves acting as executive producers.

    The series premiers April 15 and stars Billy Bob-Thorton (Friday Night Lights, Bad News Bears), Martin Freeman (The World's End, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) and Colin Hanks (King Kong, DEXTER).

    An original adaptation of the Academy Award®-winning feature film, Fargo features an all-new “true crime” story and follows a new case and new characters, all entrenched in the trademark humor, murder and “Minnesota nice” that made the film an enduring classic. Oscar® winner Billy Bob Thornton stars as “Lorne Malvo,” a rootless, manipulative man who meets and forever changes the life of small town insurance salesman “Lester Nygaard,” played by BAFTA Award® winner and Emmy®-nominated Martin Freeman. Colin Hanks plays Duluth Police Deputy “Gus Grimly,” a single dad who must choose between his own personal safety and his duty as a policeman when he comes face-to-face with a killer. Allison Tolman also stars as “Molly Solverson,” an ambitious Bemidji deputy. 


    First Official Look At Harvey Bullock's (Donal Logue) Fedora in FOX's GOTHAM 


    Well if you're interested in FOX's drama based off the life and times of James Gordon working the mean streets of Gotham, you've probably already seen the leaked set pics of the show's pilot episode; but today we get out first official look at Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy) as Harvey Bullock, tipping his fedora to the crime ridden streets of Gotham.

    Warner Bros TV has released this image of Donal Logue as Gotham City Police Detective Harvey Bullock.Gotham explores the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as an idealistic rookie detective in Gotham City and the rogues’ gallery of villains that made the city infamous. Bullock is Gordon’s rough-around-the-edges partner and mentor.

    Deadline reports.


    GOTHAM is soon coming to FOX, along with another DC program going to NBC, Constantine, which will round out the holy trinity as ARROW soon enters it's 3rd season. 


    AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 4 To Be "Carnival" Set

    Love it or hate it or don't care either way, since FX's American Horror Story seems to be one of the most divisive shows around, either way it's coming back, and Huffington Post reports (by way of A.V. Club) that they'll be going into some HBO territory.

    In a podcast with Nerdist Writers Panel, "AHS" writer and co-executive producer Douglas Petrie spilled the setting of Season 4. When first asked about it, he quickly responded, "I can say nothing." Then Moira Kirkland, a writer for "Castle" and "Arrow" also on the podcast, said, "Well I don't know if it's true, but I heard carnival." Petrie responded, "Yes -- that was the, it -- it does not have a title."

    They continued:

    Podcast moderator Ben Blacker then asked, "But that's the setting?" and Petrie confirmed, "That's the idea, that's very roughly the idea." Listen to the podcast around the 33-minute mark to hear for yourself.

    So there you have it. Haunted house, an asylum, a coven of witches, and now a carnival of evil.
    There's a lot that could be done around that premise, and FX doesn't seem to be slowing down in terms of quality, so Season 4 might be American Horror Story's best yet.