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    The Anderson Chronicles: Ghostbusters

    In this week’s edition of The Anderson Chronicles I delve into the behind the scenes happenings on the currently in development hell Ghostbusters 3. It`s been rumoured for years now that the original team behind Ghostbusters would return for one last sequel, and in turn set up an additional trilogy with a younger cast. The one major issue always being that Bill Murray refused to reprise his role as Dr. Peter Vankman in the sequel.

    The last few years more than anything the potential for actually seeing the film made have gotten higher, but still no real progress has actually been made. Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg who are also writers for the NBC sitcom The Office were hired to pen a script. According to Dan Akroyd the script is done, but they’re still waiting on the green light from the studio, which at this point seems highly unlikely. Originally the plan from Columbia was to release Ghostbusters 3 as a 2011 tent-pole in order to replace the revenue lost from scrapping Spider-Man 4 and rebooting that franchise for 2012. The problem being the studio was planning to go with either Ghostbusters or Men in Black, the latter of which is now in production set for a 2012 release date. At this point with the Spider-Man reboot and Men in Black 3 due out in 2012, Columbia is prepared to make a little less in 2011, which would have been the presumed release for a potential Ghostbusters sequel.

    The most feasible option that seems to be left would be to start production immediately, which isn’t happening, or scrap the idea all together and move in a new direction. Although the first sequel to the original 1984 classic wasn’t received nearly as well they still saw moderate success with two animated series from the 80’s and 90’s, a new game and a shit ton of merchandise. Clearly the property still proves profitable, but if not a new live-action film where should the franchise be taken.

    A live action TV show or a new animated series could successfully rejuvenate the franchise, the former being my first choice, but I’m assuming either could potentially make as much if not more than a third film depending on how many seasons it were picked up for. The opening pilot if it were to be live action could still include the original cast in cameo handing their proton packs down to a younger generation of Ghostbusters. Essentially the show would take the place of the purposed third film, and allow for the film continuity to remain intact. The same writers hired to pen the script for the film could very easily be brought on to write a bible for the potential pilot and first season, seeing as they both come from a comedic and TV sitcom background it would seem like a very easy transition.

    The probability of Columbia going this route depends entirely on how soon they choose to take action. The show would likely only succeed if the original cast members were to appear in some capacity to give their blessing, the problem being the original cast aren’t getting any younger. At the very least they could decide to develop a new animated series instead and keep interest high as well as spike the interest of a new  generation of fans, before moving forward with the third feature film. Which comes back to if they ever to plan to move forward with the third instalment it’ll need to happen within the next year give or take.

    I’m personally not holding my breath for any movement with the franchise, but like other lifelong fans I’m not giving up hope yet either. I’d love to see just about any new incarnation from the franchise at this point, but aside from the video game released last year I don’t think we can expect much more. At least not anytime soon.

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