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    The Following - Season 3 Recap "The Edge" 

    *Just as a quick note, it was revealed early last week that The Following had been canceled by Fox.  While there are rumors that the show may get picked up by another network or digital streaming service, it looks likely that these last four episodes will be the last, period.  Stay tuned if there are any changes, but don't hold your breath.  Just enjoy these last remaining episodes of The Following!*

    This episode proved to be a set up of sorts for the remainder of the season.  We see Ryan struggling with his alcohol addiction, we see Mark and Daisy teaming up with Theo and Penny, and finally, we see Tom finally being brought down.

    Starting off with the first point mentioned, Ryan is certainly struggling with his addiction.  He is going behind both Mike and Max's back along with lying to everyone else to steal a quick drink.  He does, however, surprise Gwen at the hospital wanting to talk.  While it seems like she wants to give him another chance, it doesn't seem that much.  She does indeed ask him later in the episode if he is drinking again, to which Ryan responds he is, but tells her he's going to stop.  The conversation doesn't continue much longer because Ryan has just spotted Penny.  Which leads me to...

    The second point of the two evil teams of Mark/Daisy joining forces with Theo/Penny.  While Mark and Theo very much don't like each other, they agree to help one another to get what they want.  First though, Mark and Daisy must help Theo with his Eliza issue.  A meeting is set up, in which Eliza double crosses Theo to have him killed, but Mark, Daisy and Penny help Theo in taking out these assassins.  Theo does in fact end up getting to Eliza, in which she agrees to help him and Penny disappear as long as he brings in Ryan Hardy as well as never speak of the organization she works for.  This is all well and good, until it comes time to get to Ryan.  This all leads to...

    The third and final point of Tom.  Tom is used as a mole by both Mark and Daisy to help them hack back into the FBI databse to assist Theo.  The reason why?  They blackmail him with evidence in his accidental murder of Sloan (which he still has the body left in his bathtub) and tell him to cooperate or else.  Tom does do what they tell him and he gets Theo access back into the FBI database, but not before Mark asks him for one more favor, to bring him Mike Weston.

    Back to the first point of Ryan spotting Penny.  Him and Max are on a stakeout for Penny after finding out who she is and where her local 'drug' hangouts are.  After hanging up on Gwen, Ryan and Max go after her and it looks like she's seemingly gotten away after Max leaves the scene, but turns out Ryan has snagged Penny himself.  He brings her back to his apartment to get her to talk, but after she resists, the ghost of Joe gets him to snap in which he waterboards her based on her fear of water he had read in her file.  She reveals Theo is working with Mark and Daisy.  Speaking of them...

    After getting Tom to bring Mike to them, they end up killing Mr. Tom (so long) with Mark about to finally kill Mike, but not before Theo pops out of nowhere to tell them Mike is his now.  Confused?  Well it's because Theo needs Mike to get to Ryan.  A phone call is made, and now and exchange must be made too.

    Grade: B


    • I forgot to add, Max realized Tom was the mole by looking at security tapes from the FBI offices.  She tries to call Mike to warn him, but that's when Tom gets Mike.
    • I'm still surprised Gwen hasn't told Ryan she's pregnant.  Unless she's not planning to keep the baby...
    • How many times is Mike going to get close to biting the dust with Mark?

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