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    Metrosexual Clark Kent Rides Bike With No Glasses

    It's a tad askew that we have yet to see Herny Cavill portraying Clark Kent while actually wearing glasses. It's lead some to believe that this new version of Superman might not support a spectacle wearing mild mannered reporter.

    My thought is that the photos of Clark without glasses that we've seen, including the ones below, are before he has made an appearance as Superman in the film. It's possible that after Supes makes his first big save the glasses become a necessity and the disguise evolves.

    Also not out of the realm of possibility that the glasses are out completely. If The Brothers Warner can eliminate Superman's trunks they can certainly eliminate the four eyes version of Clark. I've even seen some comments referring to CGI glasses. Just like the CGI trunks I guess?

    Reader Comments (2)

    Like birthright he was discover the need for glasses when the need is addressed, obvious really.

    09-15-2011 | Unregistered Commenterjo

    Cavill looks fine as clark. As for no glasses I still say it will be when he firsts move to metropolis and before he developed superman persona and is working at the planet. I really don't see snyder not doing glasses. What the heck would they do about spilting clark and superman personas.

    09-15-2011 | Unregistered Commentermoviefan

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