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    Josh Trank (Finally) Attached to a Comic-Book Property Worth His Time

    Josh Trank shouldn't be wasting his time on the Fantastic Fours or Venoms of the world.

    The counter-point argument, I'm sure, would be to say his talent could inject the kind of creative spark we saw when Christopher Nolan, a virgin to the sensibilities to blockbuster filmmaking, took on Batman Begins or J.J. Abrams, still associated as a "TV guy" and licking the commercial wounds from Mission: Impossible III's under-performance rebooted Star Trek. That is a fair point. But sometimes properties leave such a stench its best not to have a young filmmaker, still new to the game and right off the bat with success, getting his hands dirty.

    As per "TOLDJA," he's linked to yet another comic-related project The Red Star to direct.

    The story, based on the comic-books by Christian Gossett, is set in an alternative world chronicling a post-WWII Soviet Union where futuristic technology and sorcery at commonplace. Cool enough sounding concept, and easily the best thing he's been attached to post-Chronicle. That's more like it.

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