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    This week on DVD: Couples Retreat

    Its time again for the weekly review of what’s new on DVD.

     This week, Couples Retreat. The duo of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau ride again not only starring in, but also writing the comedy about four couples, who agree to share a package deal in a tropical paradise.

     Jason Bateman, who also appeared in The Breakup with Vaughn and Favreau, continues his hot streak of landing roles since a bit of a hiatus in his career in the 90’s. His performance in Couple’s Retreat as Jason, the husband of Cynthia, played by Kristen Bell, almost mirrors that of the character in The Breakup as an uptight, soft spoken, all around boring guy. I mean, I wouldn’t invite him over for a night of Catch Phrase, but, while dull, the character played out well against the surrounding roles.

     Basically, Jason (Bateman) and Cynthia (Bell) convince the other three couples to escape for a much needed vacation to the island of Eden, which is portrayed to be the perfect tropical getaway for fun and reconnection with your spouse. However, once there, the couples learn that the brochure was a bit misleading, which ensues frustration and exposes underlying problems within the group.

     Vince Vaughn, while reprising his all so popular quick witted and obnoxiously fast speaking character, that he seems to be in every film, is seen as the ringleader for the team, but realizes somewhere along the way that he himself should show a little humility in order spare the feelings of others.

     The movie, overall, is an average comedy, mostly based on the talent of the cast. However, like any good film, it has its moments of insight, if you’re paying attention. Some of the discussions among the couples are easily relatable from marriages that just get by day to day, to those that have resulted in neither parties thinking twice about cheating. If you’re looking for a nice getaway this weekend with that special someone (and you haven’t pre-ordered your tickets to see the heavily star-clad Valentines Day) Couples Treat is a good option to take home and enjoy with your Valentne.

     Kristen Davis, Malin Akerman, Faizon Love and Kali Hawk round out the cast.


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