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    TMT's Turkey Day Top 3: 2010 Edition

    The year has changed but the Turkey Day Top 3 has stayed the same. No Thanksgiving film has been able to unseed any of our top 3 Thanksgiving Day films. So enjoy your turkey and cranberry sauce and our picks for best Thanksgiving Day flicks.

    I must admit, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It combines all the things I love and places them on one neat little day. There is lots of food, not just any food, but the food I love. Artery clogging, belly busting, man food. Pounds of greasy turkey, mounds of mashed potatoes, thick globs of gravy. It's a feast. Combine that smorgasbord with three NFL football games. Bone crunching hits, crowd pleasing cheerleaders, last second field goals. America's game. Your surrounded by family and friends. You laugh a little. Talk about old times and ponder what the future my hold. It really seems like they created this holiday for men. All of that aside, Thanksgiving does have a small selection of must see Thanksgiving day films to help you stay awake after engulfing a heaping plate of stuffing. Sure the library isn't as extensive as say Christmas, but here are my top three. Enjoy.

    3. Hannah And Her Sisters


    2. Home For The Holidays

    1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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