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    Could Leonard Nimoy Show Up in Mission: Impossible 4?

    Right now, William Shatner is kicking himself. He’s offered a cameo in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot and he passes because it wasn’t big enough for his ego.

    On the other hand, Leonard Nimoy agrees to the small but important role of “Spock Prime” (Sigh) and now he’s become BFFs with Team Abrams. There’s his recurring role on the Abrams, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci-created series Fringe and of course the possibly that he shows up in another Trek down the line. Of course, that’s unlikely to happen (and illogical!)

    Now Abrams himself reveals to Collider that he hasn't ruled out the possibility of having Nimoy reprise his other well-known television role – that of “The Amazing Paris” from Mission: Impossible. Remember, Abrams is producing a fourth installment of that franchise with Tom Cruise. Paramount is currently aiming for a Summer 2011 release.

    But considering they already have the afore-mentioned Star Trek 2, Transformers 3, Thor and Captain America set for then, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for M:I 4 unless one of those four (most likely Captain America…or Trek 2 perhaps?) is delayed.

    There’s also the probability that Abrams was just bullshitting. He made references to meeting with Shatner to which some are speculating that he could appear in Trek 2. Like that will actually happen! If he’s meeting with the Shat for anything, it’d be a separate project altogether.

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