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    Archives > We're Back

    Two weeks off the job, and they're finally back! Our heroes (Phil, Ed, Lou and Jamie) have returned for another edition of Movie Moan here at Think McFly Think. Of course, the delay was Jamie's fault. But it's all been resolved. So it's back to bullshitting about movies, the people who make them and everything else in between.

    The second trailer to James Cameron's Avatar trailer is officially released causing Phil to race to his nearest IMAX for tickets while Jamie sits on his ass waiting to purchase his a week or so before it opens. Will it change the way everyone looks at movies? Will Jamie be forced to eat his words (yet again)? Tune in this coming December. Same Moan-Time! Same Moan-Channel!

    The guys discuss a wide range of topics including Bronson actor Tom Hardy becoming the new Mad Max, Anthony Hopkins joining the cast of Thor, no John Rhys-David in The Hobbit and the coming of Men In Black 3. All of that, plus why we'll probably never see a new Dune movie, Jamie calling the Na'vi green (when they're clearly blue - thus making him an even bigger dumbass) and Phil getting cut off and returning soon after (thus breaking the 4th Wall of this podcast!)

    Movie Moan - We're Back

    11-1-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams