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    Archives > The Jerry O'Connell Timeline

    Yet another "Dead Zone" of film-news this week, folks. What little items there are to cover our heroes at Movie Moan (i.e. Phil, Ed, Lou and Jamie) discuss in their usual oh-so-colorful way.

    Ed gives his $.02 on Stephen Soderbergh's The Informant! The gang moans at the thought of the great David Cronenberg remaking The Fly, die a little bit on the inside at the "Is it real or is it fake?" photo of Nicolas Cage from Superman Lives and ponders at the possibility of Brad Pitt playing Moriarty in a possible Sherlock Homes sequel.

    For the duration of this edition, the guys look into their crystal ball and discuss the year in film for 2010 or to be more specific the time period between April to the end of August. With a few exceptions, there aren't too terribly many "bright spots" for that summer. In addition, everyone is asked to take "the James Woods Challenge," Jamie is shamed for paying money to see Shrek the 3rd (and at its Thursday 10:00 P.M. premiere screening no less), the "Jerry O'Connell Timeline" is dissected and Phil instructs Disney on how to release Toy Story 3 in the UK...or else!

    Movie Moan - The Jerry O'Connell Timeline

    09-27-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams