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    Archives > Movie Moan - The Best Kind of Cancer

    Even though it's Memorial Day weekend, Phil, Jamie and Ed return for another edition of Movie Moan. It's true, folks. They just didn't have anything else better to do...

    On this week's show, our heroes give their thoughts on Coraline, Wall-E, their thoughts on the cinematic future of 3-D and the lack of Billy Zane in Back to the Future Part III.

    Also Phil and Ed pick Jamie's brain a part and ask him every question known to man about Terminator: Salvation (which he was able catch on the opening night and they didn't...yet!) in addition to trailer reactions to The Gamer, Surrogates and Sherlock Holmes.

    All of that, and yet another edition of "Memo to the Executives" where the X-Men franchise is discussed.

    Movie Moan - The Best Kind of Cancer

    05-24-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams