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    We had a few technical problems last night. As a result, we had to do a second version. Much more off the cuff and as always loaded with fantastic insight as to why superheroes shouldn't have visible toes on a suit. Now kneel before us and swear eternal loyalty to Green Lantern's feet!

    Kneel Before Obama

    Welcome back to another exciting installment of Crashing Hollywood. This week you get to listen to Mitch and my self, stuff nose and all, talk about random news stories along with myself rambling on about Red State.

    Something Something Podcast

    Welcome back to another exciting week of Crashing Hollywood. We talk about the new Conan trailer, Men in Black 3's production problems and several movie reviews. The sheep above are possibly the best representation of Mitch and I we've found. Mac on the left. Mitch on the right.

    The Black Sheep Of Podcasts

    I'm sorry we're supposed to have a write up here but I can't stop staring at the picture above. Yeah we talk about something or other this week. Give it a's good...I swear!

    Superman Has A Milf

    Kevin Costner that's WHO! Welcome back to another thrilling installment of Crashing Hollywood! No bunk beds this week folks!

    Who Ya Gonna Call

    This news was eclectic this week. We talk about everything from Charlie Sheen's crazy train, to why Daniel Day Lewis is too good for Superman. We hope you enjoy our maddness as well.

    Dog Shit

    We're back for another installment this week. We cover all the latest news this week but also try and solve 2pac's murder. Trust us. We know things!

    Hit Em' Up

    This week we cover two weeks worth of news in a small amount of time. The quickfire edition of Crashing Hollywood if you will. From Superman to Super Bowl we've got it all!

    Crash Of Steel

    We're back for another round of Crashing Hollywood. We should be hitting our stride here soon so stick around for some new things this year. This week we talk about a Leathal Weapon reboot...go ahead and take a seat. I'll let that one sink in.

    Check back next week for more!

    Ninjas Are Awesome

    The sucker punch to the face random out of nowhere release schedule for our podcast is hopefully gone with along with last year. This year we hope to bring you new and exciting smack talk relative to recent movie news every Monday night.

    Here it is the official comeback and the kick off of this years Crashing Hollywood start...Check back next week same crash time same crash channel.

    The Comeback

    Will we finally get the third James Bond with Daniel Craig, we sure fuckin' hope so! Does anyone believe Ghostbusters 3 will actually get off the ground, not really.

    That and would the purposed sequel to Superman Returns have been that much better action-wise, probably not but the writers would like you to think so. Also why the hell did movie moan engage into a discussion about Superman's junk, weirdos.

    I Can't Believe Movie Moan Discussed Superman's Package

    We talk about some Batman shit (The Dark Knight Rises)...and then we get right into safety meetings and stabbing sharks!

    it's long but give it a listen anyway, you know you wanna...

    Crashing Hollywood Rises

    We're finally actually back, for real this time. We have officially started the second season of Crashing Hollywood!

    We've missed so much in our ridiculously long absence that we give an at least one hour special in this first new episode the Zack fuckin' Snyder edition.

    Zack Fuckin' Snyder

    After our 2 week hiatus we return with our regular ridiculous shit talk.

    We tried to cover everything this week. Does anyone care about X-Men or Ninja Turtles anymore and does anyone else agree that the spider-man reboot is sounding a lot like a twilight film...

    There's a lot more but you can listen for yourself.

    Thanks for listening and we'll be sure to not dissapear for 2 weeks next time. If you're wondering where Episode 12 is, we'll be posting that at some point as the lost episode.

    Episode 13

    We talked about some stuff. I was very very very Hungover... we also went about 10 minutes longer than usual, it was worth it though.


    As always thanks for listening. I'll try to be less hungover next week, and at least one of us will likely be reviewing The Expendables.

    Episode 11

    Comic Con is over and there is nothing cool left to talk about... we take a wack it anyway so give us a listen if you have nothing better to do.

    We talk Hollywood raping the 80's and Robocop being cancelled, thank god. Also Rambo Begins the prequel...don't think it's actually called that but we like the way it sounds.

    Would Jon Hamm really make a good Superman and what could Hutcherson have been like as Spider-Man?

    As Always thanks for listening, and be sure to check back next week. We'll be reviewing The Other Guys and doing our regular shit talk.

    Episode 10

    Comin straight outa San Diego!!!! No not really none of us were actually there...but we do discuss all the awesome shit that went down this weekend at Comic Con.

    Will Green Lantern suck all kinds of ass? The footage and shitty panel didn't help it's case that's for sure, and there were NO Batman or Superman announcement just as most of us expected there wouldn't be.

    All in all Marvel owned Comic Con this year, and they did it in a big way. New footage for Thor and Captain America was shown both of which was apparently amazing and to top it all off they brought the entire avengers team including new guys Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo! Come on DC get on top of your shit...

    As always thanks for listening and be sure to check back next week!

    Also don't get used to the early Sunday podcast. We had nothing better to do today so we got together early to treat you Kool-Aid drinkers following us, you're welcome. No need to thank us, we're cool like that.

    Look for us to be back next Monday same bat time same bat channel!

    Episode 9

    This week we talk about some news. Oh yeah and we review Inception too, it was great! New trailers for Due Date, The Town, and The Social Network are discussed. Our thoughts on the Phoenix mockumentary including the crazy shit he's said to have done are in there somewhere amongst the southern jokes and laughter.

    Also we ask a very important question "Will the Nascar Transformers be rednecks with robot mullets"?

    As always thanks for listening, and be sure to check back next week.

    If you're wondering why we didn't bother to attack movie moan this week it's because Phil had nothing to come back at us with, and it felt like an un-fair fight. If he should have something clever to say we'll be sure to destroy them in a war of words once again!

    Episode 8

    The war rages on! Crashing Hollywood continues to attack Movie Moan for a second week, and now with a new logo to show our enthusiasm. Left to right Mitch, Matt, Jay aka Mac.

    This week we discuss Superman non-news and potential plot points. We continue to take shots at Movie Moan (mostly phil), and cover the week in news.

    Lucky for us we were able to get Russell Brand on the show very briefly to get his thoughts on Bond being cancelled and which TMT podcast in his opinion is the definitive supreme champion. Unfortunately we were only able to talk to him briefly, but maybe we can get him back next week.

    As always thanks for listening, and be sure to check out our less awesome counterpart Movie Moan as well. Next week we'll be talking Inception so be sure to check back for that.

    **Also if any of our loyal listeners would like to be on Crashing Hollywood next week email either or **

    Episode 7

    This week marks the start of a podcast war between Crashing Hollywood and the returning heavy weight champs Movie Moan. Lucky for us they're not returning until next week, so we chose to draw first blood.

    I guess we also talk about how little Garfield actually looks like Peter Parker, and how awful that casting really was, and then cover a few other things as well. The superman casting campaign included.

    Both Matt and Mitch gave reviews for Twilight Eclipse, and Matt reviews the original Star Wars trilogy as promised last week, but we'll have to find a new trilogy and/or classic for him this week.

    we know how much you the listeners loved it, so we give our reader feedback the same as we did last week, but we skip our nonsense question. Instead we focused more on taking shots at our new sworn enemy Movie Moan this week.

    I warned you Phil. It's on like donkey kong!!!

    Also as usual thanks for listening and be sure to check out the return of Movie Moan next Sunday when they retaliate. Lucky for us we'll be back the day after on Monday.

    Episode 6

    In Episode five of Crashing Hollywood we get everyone back together again. Mitch, Matt, and Jay aka Mac are all here.

    We cover a lot of news this week and skip over the new movies that came out in our reviews. None of us saw Grown Ups, and we reviewed Knight and Day last week. Matt did however review the Star Wars prequel trilogy for us, as this is the first time he's seen them, next week he'll give us his review of the original trilogy after he watches those.

    We ask a non sense question in closing for you our reader/listeners, and we comment on the comments you've been leaving, all in good fun of course.

    I won't say too much about what we talked about. You can hit the link below and hear for yourselves.

    As always thanks for listening, and be sure to check back next week.

    Episode 5

    In this Fourth episode of Crashing Hollywood Mac doesn't join Mitch and Matt. But hopefully he'll be back next week.

    We quickly covered the news regarding the Green Lantern poster (which looked nothing like Reynolds). We talk about the "crank" directors taking over Ghost Rider, and who Matt thinks should actually be directing the sequel.

    A few other things are covered, and then we get into three movie reviews. We review Jonah Hex, Knight and Day, and Toy Story 3 which Mitch didn't at all love.

    Be sure to check back next week for Episode 5 when hopefully everyone's able to come back. Also we'll review Grown Ups!

    Thanks for listening.

    Episode 4

    In this third episode of Crashing Hollywood we were finally able to get the whole team together. Mitch, Matt, and Mac all showed up this week.

    We start off with a little bit of Spider-Man news similar to last week. Fassbender being considered for either the Lizard in the Spidey reboot or Magneto in X-Men First class. We ge the guys thoughts on that, and which role we think he should take. Also there's two more Spidey candidates, but no ones buying that, the same as last week we didn't buy the Bell is Spider-Man rumor either.

    Mitch and Mac get into how big Chris Hemsworth really is. After seeing the ET on set visit one thing is certain, Hemsworth is hugenormous (yes I know not a word, but it best describes him).

    The new A Team adaption is reviewed by MItch and Mac. Then it's revealed that Matt hasn't seen the Bourne trilogy or Taken, amongst other classics. Mac confesses to loving the first step up, and next weeks new movies Jonah Hex and Toy Story 3 are also covered.

    Be sure to check back next week for Episode 4 when hopefully everyones able to come back again. Also we'll review both Jonah Hex and Toy Story 3!

    Thanks for listening.

    Episode 3

    In our second week with the TMT podcast Matt wasn't able to join us, but filling in for him and hopefully coming back next week is our very own Mac McCoy joining Mitch Anderson.

    In this second episode we cover a lot of ground. We go over the new look for Captain America, and how it is in every way better than Thor. We also talk briefly about the unlikely supposed casting of Jamie Bell as Spider-Man, and Marvel's ridiculous casting power in Hollywood.

    Why did Guillermo Del Toro really drop out of the Hobbit, and why is there a remake to the Crow in development?

    What direction will be taken in the new Halloween spin off currently in the works?

    One of the biggest questions asked by batman fanboys continuously, Is Nolan speaking in tongues, maybe he's being coy, or is he a bullshit artist in interviews?

    And a few other things as well...

    Be sure to check back next week for Episode 3 when Matt comes back, and hopefully Jay returns as well.

    Thanks for listening.

    Episode 2

    Welcome to TMT's new podcast Crashing Hollywoood. Hosting the new addition is Mitch Anderson and Matt Rape.

    In this first episode we cover everything from Hitman 2 to who will play Spider-Man. Why Tom Cruise needed to do knight and Day, and Tommy Lee Jones being perfect for Captain America. The completely retarded decision from Paramount to hire Platinum Dunes for the Ninja turtles remake, and Warners confirmation of Superman in 2012. Also Jerry Bruckheimer's love for eye liner on men, and why Shrek 4 worked so well in 3D.

    Be sure to check back next week for our episode 2.

    Thanks for listening.

    Episode 1

    01-23-2012 | Registered CommenterPeter Georgiou