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    McG Goes Under...the Sea

    I guess the old phrase is correct: "In Hollywood, you're only as good as your last picture!"

    In this case, we're referring to McG whose upcoming Terminator: Salvation won't hit theatres for another five months. But considering its (so far) positive buzz, it appears the Charlie's Angels director is being offered damn-near every major gig in town.

    According to Variety, McG has been set up over at Disney to direct 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo - a prequel detailing the origins of Nemo which is currently being written by Bill Marsilli (Deja Vu).

    The House of the Mouse is fast-tracking the project hoping to commence filming later this year.

    This is also begs to ask just where McG stands on Terminator 5.

    Considering that Warner Brothers has already officially announced the Terminator sequel for a Summer 2011 release, it appears that McG (who will reportedly over-see the production regardless of whether or not he directs)     will have to decide which film he'd rather helm next.


    To Lex or Not To Lex...

    According to our buddies at Latino Review, Warner Brothers is actively meeting with various screenwriters regarding story outlines and/or treatments for the next Superman film.

    They further elaborate revealing that one of the mandates of the pitches be the addition of a villian from Superman's rogues gallery other than Lex Luthor - who will all but take a back-seat this time out, if he's included at all.

    Now I'm a huge fan of Latino Review, and they've certainly had a damn-solid track record of breaking news-items and what not (including casting news regarding the Superman and Batman franchises!) That goes without saying.

    But this isn't exactly "breaking news," to be honest.

    We've known that Supes would face off against a super-powered adversary in the next installment for quiet some time dating as far back as Comic Con 2006 when Bryan Singer revealed his plans of including an "alien threat."

    What is interesting to note however is the fact that the studio is aggressively working on getting another Superman film out ASAP.

    One can't help but wonder if this is because the studio needs it to fill in a missing gap in their schedule...

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