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    George Lucas & Wife Just Had a Baby - Fuck You, Internet Cynics

    You losers can whine all day about how George Lucas "raped your childhood." But the fact is he gave you your childhood memories of awe and wonder with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies and Willow if that floats your boat. He's a nice fella who gave it his college-try over the years to listen to fans, take their suggestions to heart but they still bitched anyway. Thus proving there was nothing he could ever do to shut them up.

    So if Star Wars is pure shit from here on out (And contrary to what you say the franchise isn't in need of getting goodwill back. The general public loved the prequels. Sorry if facts get in the way of your hyperbole but the box-office receipts and home video sales prove it), you put it all on Kathleen Kennedy and your boy J.J. Abrams, who isn't exactly walking without a sore-ass after Star Trek Into Darkness.

    While everyone reacts to the D23 fiasco and rumblings of trouble afoot in a galaxy far, far away a long time ago, Lucas has more important at hand. He recently got married and reports The Huffington Post he and his new bride Everest Hobson Lucas welcomed a daughter into the world, born via surrogate.

    No, we don't usually cover baby-news. But it's cool to see good things happen to good guys like Lucas.


    Old & Older - Back to the Future Cast Then & Now Comparison

    As a movie-news commentary website (unofficially) affiliated with Back to the Future, we are legally obliged to include this Then & Now comparison of the cast as provided by Reddit. Point and laugh (laaaaaugh!) at how their "old" selfs from 1985 look compared to their old selfs from today.

    I mean it's not like any of us will ever age.


    The Greatest Meeting Since Elvis & Nixon

    Who needs context? Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster share some chocolate chips. Notice no milk in sight; ever the trickster that Loki.

    Source: Celebitchy (via Pajiba)


    Rihanna Celebrates Her Culture & We Celebrate Her Costume

    Apparently Rihanna is a native of Barbados, I  never really thought about where hailed from. Once a year she heads home for what is called the Crop Over Festival. Part of that festival is the annual Grand Kadooment parade. I found this so interesting I looked it up.

    For those who aren't even interested for one second. Check out some photos of Rihanna wearing very little as she gyrates and drinks her way to a hell of a good time.


    Hot Toys Evil Superman

    Hot Toys is creating the best part of Superman III in their sixth scale format figure. Is it Richard Pryor as bumbling computer genius Gus Gorman or Robert Vaughn as Faux Luthor? Thankfully it's neither of those wonderful mishaps from the third Chris Reeve Superman flick. Instead we will be getting Chris Reeve as the Evil Superman after being effected from the fake Kryptonite Pryor's character tried to harm him with.

    Even after loving Man of Steel, my favorite scene in any Superman film is the junkyard fight between Clark and Evil Supes so it's great to see Hot Toys feel it's worthy of their famous sculpt. You can own this for the very low price $214.99. They also have payment plans at $71.66 a month if you need to watch that wallet a little closer.

    Head over to Sideshow Collectibles to check out a full gallery of pics and specs about the figure.


    Counterfeit Kotobukiya Items

    Anyone collecting these Kotobukiya ArtFX+ statues know that they are not cheap, generally running around $50. The company has released a consumer warning alert letting their customers know of fakes that have been circulating around the web.

    It has come to our attention that a company going by the name “Crazy Toys” is engaging in fraudulent and unlawful activity by manufacturing and distributing counterfeits of our Justice League ARTFX+ statues. Imitations of Superman and Green Lantern have currently begun to surface on the market. In an effort to inform and protect our customers from these inferior products we are providing the following insights as a general guideline of characteristics these bootlegs exhibit:

    Product packaging consists of a cardboard box with wrap-around graphics and die-cut viewing window

    Poor casting resulting in a lack of detail retention on the statue

    Usage of inferior materials prone to warping and distortion

    Missing or poorly applied paint

    Magnets absent from the bottom of the statue’s feet

    Bases missing the Justice League emblem or it remains unpainted

    Kotobukiya appreciates your continued support and commitment when it comes to purchasing only officially licensed and manufactured products. If you have reason to believe a retailer is passing these items off as official ARTFX+ releases please contact us at



    Skydiver Takes Baseball Player Out With Kick To the Dome

    Every day, whether it be in little league, college, or pro baseball, there are major and minor injuries. None of them however involve skydivers taking out players on the field. Such was the case at recent baseball game where one of those skydivers came down like a Kamikaze on an unsuspecting baseball player during warm ups.

    3 skydivers were part of the pre-game ceremonies at a recent baseball game. After the first one landed, I decided to video the next one which took out the player. The 3rd one landed just fine. Please note, the baseball player was okay and stayed in the game.


    Woman Trapped In Wall Screams For 7 Hours, Locals Think She's A Ghost. Hello.

    I'm don't claim to be the brightest candle on the cake, but the story below makes me feel like I created Mensa International.

    A resident of Eastern China thought it would be a good idea to take a shortcut on the way home, she was incorrect. Somehow she ended up in a passageway that magically grew more narrow as she stumbled along. It's obvious that this woman has never watched a movie, you never take shortcuts. They always end up leading to something awful for the shortcut taker. Also, why are there passageways? Why do they shrink? Is she inside Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?

    Now the woman is stuck in a brick wall and begins to scream for help. The locals, sounding like a cerebral bunch, decicded that the cries for help were from a ghost and avoided the area all together. This woman screamed for seven hours and the locals thought to themselves, "Better stay away from that wall poltergeist."

    Eventually somebody figured out there was an actual person in there and not a banshee. Authorities were able to help her out during a 20 minute rescue effort. Video of the rescue below.




    Carly Rae Jepsen Is Good At Pop Songs But Sucks At Throwing

    If they ever elected me King Of Earth one of the smaller things I would do after taking care of all the real issues, would be to create a law that first pitches are relegated to dignitaries, athletes, and other people of my choice. We've seen some memorable pitches, President Bush during the 2001 World Series after 9/11 comes to mind, then there is Carly Rae Jepsen.

    The pop star famous for her catchy pop song Call Me Maybe, didn't even come close to the catcher before a recent Tampa Bay Rays game. Video below.


    Man Scares Girlfriend Sending Her Into A Screaming Fit

    Hello ladies. Remember when you got mad at your boyfriend because he forgot to buy you a coffee on his way home from work? When you got mad at your husband for leaving one too many socks on the floor? Now this is happening.

    James Williams, no relation to our very own Jamie Williams and obviously more innovative, decided to prank his girlfriend. The dude spent many a week trying to capture a similar ghastly scare as found in The Ring with that creepy lady ghoul Samara.

    Once the trick was perfected James' girlfriend fell asleep only to be woken by the haunting puppet. Video below courtesy of AMAZINGWORLDLY 

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