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    Not So Smart Drivers Play Bumper Cars In Utah

    Driving in the snow and rain is no joke. Ice and car wrecks are even worse, the dent in my head is still here to prove that. I don't know what these drivers are doing but I've never seen so many spin outs and accidents all in once place. It's like bumper cars at Canobie Lake Park out there and of course modern technology caught it all on camera. All wheel drive doesn't seem to help these misfits. After the 2:00 minute mark it gets really crazy.


    Dude Screams Like Girl On A Ride

    Two gentlemen that look like they could be UFC fighters decided to venture on to some crazy ass ride in Orlando, Florida. One of the guys screamed his face off and shattered window panes in Miami. I have to confess, I would also probably scream like that if I went on that ride.


    Giants Versus Patriots Super Bowl Gets Taiwanesed

    I don't know what NMA.TV is smoking when they create these videos but they get me every time. If you haven't checked out the site please spend somet time there to be confused, shocked, and brought down with some chuckles.

    This is how the site views the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Giants & MY New England Patriots.


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