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    Movie Moan - Phil's 30th Birthday Bash

    You can watch this week's episode on Blip:

    Or on Youtube:

    Note: This isn't a full video show.  By all means enjoy the images but this was just a special treat for you guys to throw up before I enjoyed my special day.  Apologies for any lack of effort on my part :)

    If you're watching this on August 2nd 2013, it is Phil Gee's 30th birthday and he could think of no better people to party with than with all of you.

    So join us for two hours of completely random fun as Phil, his co-host Jamie Williams, graphic artist Randall Maynard, box office correspondent Jen Mayhew, and writer/editor for Mr Ed Douglas discuss, among other things, the Phantom, The Toy, Stan Lee, Pryde of the X-Men, Defenders of the Earth, Bane, five Hugh Jackmans, Empire magazine, Narnia, Sharknado, SyFy, 2 Guns, James Marsden, Electro, Dan Brown's Inferno, Phil's impression of Jamie, fanboys as a race, why are people so bloody cynical, British comedies in USA, the Keeping Up Appearances test, Mel Brooks, Sentinels, have we never had it so good in comic book movies, lots of X-Men, and the Galaxy Rangers.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Phil's 30th Birthday Bash (audio version)


    Movie Moan - ON STEROIDS!

     You can watch this week's show on Blip:

     Or on Youtube:

    I like to think we're one of the jolliest movie podcasts on internet land and this week we take our exuberance to another level.  I'm happy because my birthday is coming up.  Jamie is happy because he gets to speak for the entire human race on the subject of the '50 Shades Of Grey' movie (both sexes), and we have two jolly special guests joining us as well.

    We are delighted to be joined for the very first time by TMT's box office correspondent Jen Mayhew, who is still giddy from a week of having met Hugh Jackman, going to a Bon Jovi concert, and having watched  a Wolverine movie that didn't suck.  And we are honoured to be joined by writer and editor for, Mr. Edward Douglas who literally is on steroids as he talks to us.  He already has a physique like Jackman, I don't know why he feels the need.

    So join us as we review 'The Wolverine', reflect on the fact that it's been 13 years since X1, and ask which film coming out of this year's Comic-Con are we now the most pumped to see.  Plus Jamie tries to crush my excitement for Brad Bird's 'Tomorrowland' and we discuss how to get into the hotel suite at Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland.  Oh, and Ed calls me Chris Tucker.

    It's hip, it's how, it's now, it's Movie Moan.....ON STEROIDS.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - ON STEROIDS (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Death By Sandler

    You can watch this week's show on Blip:

    Or on Youtube:

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sad duty to inform you that our good friend and film critic for The Playlist & Jump Cut Junkies, Mr Gabe Toro, is dead.  It was hard enough being a man who had grown too old for even solid blockbuster entertainment but, with the mountain of mediocrity we've had to sit through this summer, and the harsh truth that he helped contribute publicity to 'Grown Ups 2' by writing two reviews for it (and doing a third on this show), he decided he'd had enough and took his own life...

    ...then again, he's still tweeting so I could be wrong.

    But whether he's still with us or not, please sit back and enjoy Gabe's finest performance on our show to date, and that is saying something.  Also joining us as the brave champion of robots vs. monsters is Mr. Spencer Perry, writer for &

    6:30 mins - Our epic review of 'Pacific Rim' contains mighty battles and terrible over-acting, just like the film itself.

    53:20 mins - Jamie tells us that 'Grown Ups 2' is the 'Bad Boys 2' of Adam Sandler movies.  Gabe takes a pistol into the bathtub.

    80:55 mins - Phil digs the Sealab 2020 costume that Jamie Foxx's Electro has found himself wearing.

    84:50 mins - Bond 24 hits UK cinemas in October 2015 so Jamie and Phil finalize some holiday plans.

    90:40 mins - Gabe closes with a look at some wonderful alternative films to the crap you would otherwise have to choose from this weekend.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Death By Sandler (audio version)


    Movie Moan - Your Move Williams

    You can watch this week's episode on Blip:

    Or on Youtube:

    I dragged my English ass all the way to New Orleans (it's not even a mid way point between where him and I live) to see Jamie and now he needs to respond in kind.  So join us tonight as we try and make travel plans for his visit to Blighty.  Feel free to throw in some suggestions as to what the best film would be to see together next.

    In the meantime, Jamie reviews a movie I really didn't want to share with him.

    2:45 mins - Phil tells you to watch 'Now You See Me' once, but probably not twice.

    8:10 mins - Jamie reviews 'The Lone Ranger' but his reaction isn't what I expected.

    27:10 mins - Vacation plans, Star Wars, and Brian Blessed.

    37:50 mins - Is there any reason to get excited about this year's Comic-Con?

    51:45 mins - Next week's show and adventures with chicken fingers.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - Your Move Williams (audio version)


    Supermoan: Movie Moan's Ultimate Superman Retrospective Episode 7 - 'Man Of Steel' (2013): Our First Review Live From New Orleans

    You can watch this week's episode on Blip:

    Or on Youtube:

    ...or to give it's other title; ' When Jamie Met Phil'.

    After seven years of build-up, Phil bought one of the most expensive cinema tickets of all time just to see 'Man Of Steel' in New Orleans with Jamie and finally meet the Ebert to his Siskel.  We invite you to join us over the next 100 minutes for hugs, sights, stabbings, jazz weddings, K-Mart's, and two viewings of the film with our immediate reaction.

    By the end of it, gifts are exchanged, tears are shed and lives are changed.

    If this feels more like a home movie at times than a review, that was intentional.  We wanted our long time listeners to feel what it was like to be with us on this trip and we hope we succeeded.  Enjoy!

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Supermoan: Movie Moan's Ultimate Superman Retrospective Episode 7 - 'Man Of Steel' (2013): Our First Review Live From New Orleans

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