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    This week, in what must be the most exclusive advance review we've ever had on our show, Gabe Toro, film critic for The Playlist and Jump Cut Junkies, give us his thoughts on 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty'.  The only way to make the film seem less horrendous than it sounds is to make sure our podcast contains more product placement than the movie itself.

    Elsewhere, it's an amazing ensemble of talent this week showing up Phil and Jamie as we are joined once again by Spencer Perry of Superhero Hype, and celebrate the long awaited return of The Weekend Warrior himself Mr Ed Douglas.  Together, we deliver the most in-depth roundtable discussion you can get for 'Thor: The Dark World', belatedly and bravely assert that 'Gravity' is not a film for the ages, just a film for the theatre, some members of the show are chastised for wasting their time on the 'Man Of Steel' live non-event, and find time to cover the sad news over 'Tomorrowland's move to Summer 2015 (yeah, fuck that other Disney movie that was in the news this week).

    And back to that Walter Mitty review, that's just the tip of the cinnabon.  Gabe also has some choice words for the 'journalists' who called him a sourpuss that ain't down with the young groove something or other.  Keep listening and it'll all make sense.

    I think!

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:

    Note: The play version only goes up to the first hour for some reason but the downloadable version should work fine.


    Movie Moan - Bore & The Dark Elves Of Snooglepussy

    Phil can promise you that the great supervillain to the right hand side, otherwise known in the Marvel Universe as 'The Clapperboard' would have been a far more effective antagonist in 'Thor: The Dark World' than the black hole of motivation, magnetism and personality standing to the left of him known as Malekith.

    Phil begins his mighty rant against Marvel Studios' first BAD film by taking on the Dark Elves and their leader and spreads from there to every other problem with the in pretty much everything else as well.  He doesn't want to destroy your excitement for the film.  He just wants to prepare you.  His review will be spoiler free.

    Elsewhere, the immortal Gabe Toro, film critic for The Playlist and Jump Cut Junkies, joins us for a follow up review on 'Ender's Game' and even braves Ridley Scott's latest, 'The Councilor', before finishing the show with a recap of Exhumed's 24 hour Horror-Thon Film Festival.

    And Spencer Perry from Coming, Superherohype, and Shock Till Ya Drop joins us to discuss the trailer for 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past', Chris McQuarrie doing 'Starblazers' and bloody baboons.

    It's Movie Moan and it's not going anywhere.

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:

    Note: The play version doesn't load the entire show for some reason but the downloadable one should work fine.


    Movie Moan - Marvel Origins: Trevor

    It's the short film we all want to see.  Ben Kinglsey and how his 'Iron Man 3' character began his stage career before moving on to performing the street, things a man shouldn't do.

    So while Phil and Jamie speculate on the true nature of the secret Marvel project he's involved with, we also have time to slobber over the trailer for 'Captain America: The Winter Solider', and debate which film will win in the battle next summer between '50 Shades Of Grey' vs. 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

    Plus, Phil gives an incredibly long winded early review of 'Ender's Game' and Jamie reviews what he saw of 'Bad Grandpa'.

    It's just the two of us.  It's classic Movie Moan.  You love it.

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan - Winter 2013 Box Office Prediction Power Hour

    It's time for another round of the best (and perhaps only) Box Office prediction interactive game in the movie podcast world.......and YOU can take part.

    So get your game faces on and join your regular Movie Moan competitors Phil Gee, Jamie Williams, and Mr. Box himself Shawn Robbins as we predict the US domestic box office on all of Winter 2013's big movies, and how much they will make up the cut off date of January 31st 2014.

    As explained in the show, if you want to take part and potentially be a 'web winner' then all you need to do is lay out your own predictions in the comments section.  Just lay them out by film title in the following order with your prediction next to it:

    1. Ender's Game
    2. 12 Years A Slave
    3. Thor: The Dark World
    4. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    5. Frozen
    6. Black Nativity
    7. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
    8. Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas
    9. Saving Mr Banks
    10. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
    11. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
    12. 47 Ronin
    13. Grudge Match
    14. American Hustle
    15. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

    Best of luck!

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan - The Decline Of American Animation

    Phil was so disgusted by the new trailer for Disney's latest animated motion picture event 'Frozen' that he decided to build an entire podcast around it.  Phil does not like what he sees, and what he sees is.......the decline of American animation.

    On this special show, Phil and Jamie are joined by some new members of the Movie Moan family; Jamie's good friend Matt Thompson and freelance movie site writer Melissa Molina.  Together, we discuss whether Disney will ever be able to give us another masterpiece, whether Pixar really is in trouble, whether we will ever see traditional 2D animated movies again, whether the competing studios will overtake Disney in overall popularity, and, of course, is 'Frozen' really going to be as dull as it looks or does Disney just have no clue how to market their own animated films anymore?

    Plus, Phil has a message for Blip TV and tells you all about next week's show.  Oh yes, it's time to get out you box office score-cards again folks.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Decline Of American Animation (audio version)

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