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    Movie Moan - The Decline Of American Animation

    Phil was so disgusted by the new trailer for Disney's latest animated motion picture event 'Frozen' that he decided to build an entire podcast around it.  Phil does not like what he sees, and what he sees is.......the decline of American animation.

    On this special show, Phil and Jamie are joined by some new members of the Movie Moan family; Jamie's good friend Matt Thompson and freelance movie site writer Melissa Molina.  Together, we discuss whether Disney will ever be able to give us another masterpiece, whether Pixar really is in trouble, whether we will ever see traditional 2D animated movies again, whether the competing studios will overtake Disney in overall popularity, and, of course, is 'Frozen' really going to be as dull as it looks or does Disney just have no clue how to market their own animated films anymore?

    Plus, Phil has a message for Blip TV and tells you all about next week's show.  Oh yes, it's time to get out you box office score-cards again folks.

    Download the audio only MP3 version right here:

    Movie Moan - The Decline Of American Animation (audio version)


    Movie Moan Audio Commentary - 'The Phantom' (1996)

    It's time to SLAM EVIL as Phil Gee and Randall Maynard bring you their much promised, much anticipated audio commentary for one of the most under-appreciated films in American cinema - 'The Phantom'.

    Over the course of 100 breathless minutes (and we could have gone on longer), we try to explain, without snark or irony, why it's such a charming little film that really succeeds in so many ways.  Phil explains why it's the best thing Billy Zane has ever done.  We explain what a day in the life of Xander Drax must be like, just how delightful all the supporting characters are, can't believe that a wolf and a horse are able to talk to each other, keep getting Cary Tagawa's evil pirate character mixed up with Shang Tsung from 'Mortal Kombat', and we even figure out that the Phantom dies at the end of the film.

    Obviously, this is designed to be watched as a proper commentary in synch with the film but you can watch or listen to it by itself if that's your bag and you know the film by heart like we do.  Enjoy!

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan - Video Paradiso


    It often amazes me how little time movie pundits like us spend actually discussing their passion for film and those specific memories that molded them.  And why does everyone seem to have the same story about seeing 'Star Wars' for the first time in a theatre?  For many of us, we fell in love with film after wearing out a tape of 'Back To The Future' or binging on the maximum ten movies you were allowed to rent from a magical Aladdin's Cave of a store that had every film both known and unknown to man.

    We love movies because we loved VHS.  And on this week's show, we discuss the specific impact the format had on us, the video tapes we still own because of what they meant to us, and the video stores we wish we could still walk in to.

    Joining Phil and Jamie for this very special show are film critic Gabe Toro, TMT's box office correspondent Jen Mayhew, and the unique and unforgettable Robert Meyer Burnett, who was there for the birth of VHS and owned a laserdisc player before most of us even knew about them. 

    Among the subjects covered are the unique story of 'Kim's Video', Gabe's ode to 'The Last Dragon', the most misleading VHS covers of all time, the tape that scared Phil for the rest of his childhood, and the logic of 'Halloween III: Season Of The Witch'.

    Oh, and there's also a surprise appearance at the end by the director of one of the films we talk about.  I did spoil who it was on twitter but try and act stunned when it happens in the show.  We certainly were.

    So sit back, relax, and don't forget to rewind the tape at the end.

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan - It's Not Gay......IT'S MAGIC!

    This week's episode is a movie tagline producing factory all by itself.  Phil comes up with the perfect one for 'Ant-Man', Gabe figures out the perfect way to market 'Jurassic World' is to tell the mass public that they don't deserve it, and the title of the show is the one to be used for the inevitable Dumbledore prequel movie.

    So join Phil, Jamie, the always hilarious Gabe Toro and the incessantly delightful Jen Mayhew as another near two hours of Movie Moan fun.

    This week, Phil and Gabe come to blows on whether Ron Howard's latest film 'Rush' is a thoughtful character study or a dressed up 'jocks vs. nerds' movie.  Gabe always reviews the 150 minute (with one plot twist per minute guaranteed) 'Prisoners'.  Jen gives us the lowdown on 'Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them'.  Phil tells us why there's the smallest chance that Marvel Studios knows what they're doing by moving 'Ant-Man' to Summer 2015.  And we wonder aloud if 'Jurassic World' really is the best film title of all time.

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan - DON'T PANIC

    That was a test of the Movie Moan Emergency Broadcast System.  You may now resume your daily lives.  Jamie Williams is back.......and he's not alone.

    Also joining us this week is a new member of the Movie Moan family, the absolutely delightful Elisabeth Rappe, writer for & CHUD.

    This week, Phil reviews the latest charming fantasy comedy romance from Richard Curtis; 'About Time'.  We discuss the psychological justification required to make the new Batman work on the big screen, Hiddleston and Cumberbatch worshippers, Sophie's Choice Part II, and finally letting go of 'Star Trek Into Darkness'.  Plus, Jamie and Phil duel over the pros and cons of the 'Robocop' remake trailer, and come to a final verdict on the debate that has kept them at odds for a lifetime; is Grandpa Joe a loving parent and guardian or a lazy ass bum?

    Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:

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