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    Movie Moan: Kristina Royale

    As a part of Phil Gee's Epic Birthday Bonanza, the Movie Moan podcast is joined this week by our good pal Kristina. For those at home wondering everyone's favorite British Gentleman Agent turns twenty-seven.

    So it's with that another of his highly-anticipated releases The A-Team hit cinemas in the U.K. this week and he gives us his thoughts and Lou gives his $.02 on seeing Inception a second time. Yes, there's a brief chat giving out spoilers and once again, listen at your own warning if you’ve yet to see Chris Nolan's latest.

    In the week of news, there's the Thor Comic-Con sizzle-reel getting leaked online, Guillermo del Toro finally gets his shot at adapting At the Mountains of Madness, Total Recall getting remade (and helmed by Len Wiseman), J.J. Abrams producing Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel and the continued troubles of one Mel Gibson.

    To wrap this week's show is a lengthy discussion on the future of the home video market, video-store chains, DVD/Blu-Ray special features, double-dipping and the works.

    Movie Moan: Kristina Royale


    Movie Moan: CONNNN!

    Yes, a cheap Wrath of Khan joke. But you wouldn’t expect anything less of us, would you?

    It's an extra-lengthy episode of Movie Moan here at Think McFly Think. Phil has some audio issues a few minutes in and it's Comic-Con weekend! So, there’s plenty to discuss in the realm of nerds, geeks and fanboys.

    Lou gives his thoughts on Inception (leading to another spoiler-filled chat, so fair warning!), The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Batman: Under the Red Hood. After months...No, years of waiting, Phil finally sees Toy Story 3 and while we won't give away what he thought of the film. He did confess to tearing up here and there. Hint: he liked it a li'l bit.

    And of course, there was that convention in San Diego. Apparently nothing worth mentioning went down. Except The Avengers were officially unveiled, fans got their first-glimpse of Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, more Tron: Legacy footage, Karl Urban confirmed he's up for the Judge Dredd reboot and Guillermo del Toro is writing/producing a remake of The Haunted Mansion. So like we said, it was a dead-zone in news over there!

    Movie Moan: CONNNN!


    Movie Moan: The Nolan Show

    Because they didn't dare go against the thoughts/opinions of everyone else on the Internet, this week's edition of Movie Moan is nothing more than endlessly praising Christopher Nolan. So this whole podcast is about how wonderful the one they call Nolan is.

    Seriously, Phil, Ed and Jamie give their thoughts on Inception. Yes, they all loved it, and yes, this is a spoiler-filled discussion on everything ranging from performances to their individual takes on what happened. If you haven't seen it yet, listen at your risk. But we urge you to hold off until you check out the movie.

    The rest of this week is the usual week in review with film-news. Everyone's reactions to Green Lantern and Thor pictures, updates on Superman: The Man of Steel, Mark Ruffalo as the new Hulk, Aaron Sorkin writing/directing The Politician and the fate of Mission: Impossible IV.

    All of that, and Phil gives a special shout-out to the faithful listeners.

    Movie Moan: The Nolan Show


    Movie Moan: Sweet Freeeedom!

    It's the return of the Movie Moan podcast here at Think McFly Think. Needless to say, there's no place like home. And No, don't expect us to use the tunes of Michael McDonald on a regular basis.

    The guys (Phil, Lou & Jamie) actually got off their asses and went to their multiplexes to watch some movies this weekend. Discussions/reviews get underway for Predators (all three saw it), Despicable Me (Lou and Jamie) and Toy Story 3 (Lou finally caught it, Jamie's seen it twice since it opened and Phil has another two weeks to go...)

    In the week of news, never a dull moment with the official announcement of Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-Man. How will he hold up compared to Tobey Maguire? Will the reboot deliver come July 2012? Will fanboys stop bitching and give this kid a shot? Marvel slams the Avengers door in Ed Norton's face. Reports suggest it might have had to do with that whole "refusing to promote your Hulk movie" crap he pulled two years ago. The guys discuss the pros and cons of a Chris Columbus-directed Superman movie (even though that ain't happening) and how his two Harry Potter films get too much shit from fans.

    All of that plus the prospects of a third James Bond installment with Daniel Craig, Kevin Bacon joins X-Men: First Class, two new Mad Max movies in the works, Men in Black 3 details, a debate about the merits of a Star Wars reboot and, of course, George Lucas porn.

    Movie Moan: Sweet Freeeedom!

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