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    The Lizard (Still) Looks Terrible

    This answers the "Bullshit or not?" query posed a few months back. New image, intended as wall-paper, from Trends International confirms that's how the Lizard looks in The Amazing Spider-Man.

    The go-to scripted reaction is to say we need proper context within the narrative of the film to understand. But no it still looks bad. This is supposed to be the Lizard and not a humanoid, reptilian creature. FYI anyone complaining about his not wearing a lab-coat and pants is an idiot. Ignore those people, and the updated Spidey suit looks fine.

    Reader Comments (1)

    There's really nothing wrong with the current Spiderman costume, it's only had a couple of tweeks here & there and really doesn't look all that different from the original. "Oh, he's got silver on his boots... whaaaa" So you're going to spend the entire movie looking at his feet are you?

    The Lizard looks pretty much like the original but should have the lab coat but not having the lab coat is hardly going to spoil the fucking movie.

    The trailer for the movie looks quality and the film already looks better than the entire last trilogy.

    Didn't a lot of people bitch about the Joker not being "perma-white" in The Dark Knight? How did that film turn out? Did the Joker not being "perma-white" spoil that movie?

    I'm thinking... erm.... nope.

    I'm not really onboard teh new Catwoman costume, is it going to spoil the movie? Again, I really don't think so.

    03-26-2012 | Unregistered CommenterKombat Wombat

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