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    Update: Martin Sheen Joining Spider-Man Reboot

    UPDATE: I could do a separate post here, but fuck it. Tonight is officially "Spider-Man Reboot Casting Night!"

    In addition to busting out President Barlet as the new Uncle Ben an hour back, Heat Vision also has word Sally Field is up for Aunt May. It's not as iron-clad as the Martin Sheen casting – the key words are "early talks" here. Her as Peter's loving-and-supporting aunt didn't jump out in one of "Of...COURSE!" fashions like Sheen, but I like it.

    Also in news that will either cause cheers or groans (Have no idea how fans will react), The Wrap has reports Mary Jane Watson will not make an appearance. Word is the character not only isn't featured in the latest draft, but apparently was never there to begin with.

    Honest to God, I liked Kristen Dunst in the Raimi films overall, i.e. not the third film. But I don't see any error in this call. Best to (re)start things with someone else for Peter Parker to pine over. If the reboot works and a sequel comes our way (which to, frankly, too early to even fathom), maybe then she could appear.

    Still hesitant about the Spider-Man reboot and as I've frequently said, think Sony is over-estimating the appeal of the franchise's brand-name after the greatly-unpopular last film.

    But the casting of Andrew Garfield as the new web-slinger is a big plus and getting fresh blood in charge (director Marc Webb) had to be done. I love Raimi, and what he did with the characters/universe. But his batteries were burnt.

    We're only a month away from production starting and it's time to get roles filled outside of our hero, his main-squeeze (Emma Stone) and villain (Rhys Ifans).

    Heat Vision has a big one – no, not J Jonah Jameson. Martin Sheen will play Peter Parker's Uncle Ben, the surrogate father whose death results in his path of becoming the wall-crawler.

    Not much to say, to be honest, other than I find it to be excellent casting. Wondering if the plan is to include Uncle Ben via flashbacks for an already-established Spider-Man, or is this definitively going to be another origin story.

    Reader Comments (2)

    solid casting choice with martin as ben.

    11-5-2010 | Unregistered Commentermoviefan

    also if sally signs she is another wonderful actor so i would be happy with her as may.

    11-5-2010 | Unregistered Commentermoviefan

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