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    Zack Snyder In The Running for JUSTICE LEAGUE, Because That'll Totally Happen

    Incase you haven't heard, Warner Brothers really wants to be rolling in that Avengers money, although they don't really want to put forth the effort to try, so they'll probably just skip right to the big-stuff.

    Zack Snyder, who's about to make WB pretty wealthy with his upcoming Man of Steel is apparently the rumor of the week to be in for the big Justice League film, despite rumors every other week that he's not involved, or he is, or hell, they'll probably just give it to JJ Abrams, since by the time he cranks out Star Wars Episode X WB will finally greenlight this damn thing.

    JoBlo reported earlier from a story Empire Magazine did on the upcoming Superman film:

    "Whether we get a Justice League, [the studio says], depends on Man of Steel," says the report. "If we do, they say, Zack Snyder will be asked to direct."

    Apparently, Snyder has also decided to put a few little nods to the wide DC Cinematic universe that so far includes a failed Green Lantern film and Nolan's Batman trilogy:

    “ a weird way it is also the DC world," he says. "I have been making references to the DC universe, just to let you know that world is out there.”

    Snyder also had this to say on the Nolan films and how they compare to Marvel's cash-cows:

    “When you talk about superhero action movies, there is Batman of course, and I think that Chris (Nolan) laid a lot of important groundwork. And there are the Marvel movies... I don’t mean it as an insult, Iron Man and Hulk are strong superheroes, but we’ve never had a superhero movie where everyone can go, ‘Yeah, I understand the why of the whole thing.’ Superman is a character who deciphers the why of superheroes.”

    IGN also pointed out that Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer hinted to Screen Crush that Snyder might already be attatched:

    "Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing." 

    Take all of this at face-value though. We've been hearing Justice League reports for a while now, and as Warner Brothers says, this all depends on Man of Steel.

    I really like Snyder and have enjoyed everything he's done, from 300 to Sucker Punch I believe that beneath his unique visual style he also has a great grasp on complexity and a way to manipulate the audiences emotions, so if anyone CAN do Justice League, I'd believe in Snyder.

    I just hope when and if WB goes through with it, they make it accessible; but also engaging. If done right, Justice League could be the ensemble film with the emotional depth to match it's visual flare, where as The Avengers had the action; but not much in the way of anything beneath the surface. 

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