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    The Latest Bourne Legacy Contender: Chris Evans

    He's always had the charm and acting talent, but the stench from those Fantastic Four films didn't do him any favors once that franchise got sidelined. But thanks to Captain America, Chris Evans is going through career rejuvenation.

    Where he winds up after his turn(s) as the Sentinel of Liberty I'd say depends on what he chooses between his downtime carrying that star-spangled shield. While he has time and the opportunity, aim for projects that are both commercial and show John & Jane Doe Moviegoer, he can effectively play beyond his signature role.

    Boy could this help do the trick.

    Sources tell Think McFly Think Evans is being considered by Universal for The Bourne Legacy. Word is they're seeing big fat dollar signs with Captain America (that Superbowl TV spot went over like gangbusters and we should be getting the trailer soon) and writer/director Tony Gilroy likes what he's seen from Evans' past performances.

    Replacing Matt Damon is proving to be a bitch, and having a hot actor coming off a hit movie would help ease audiences into this new Bourne-absent installment. That's why those rumblings of Shia LaBeouf's candidacy, even Tobey Maguire, make perfect sense and Evans' schedule will be clear after The Avengers wraps and well before any Captain America sequel.

    Reader Comments (2)

    Would be good. But isn't this film due to start production in a few months. He could be busy with avengers, cap sequel, and other projects.

    03-2-2011 | Unregistered Commentermoviefan

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