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    Javier Bardem May Be The Gunslinger

    Whether it succeeds or fails, Universal deserves credit for taking an honest-to-God risk not seen since New Line Cinema put their asses on the line for The Lord of the Rings trilogy over a decade ago.

    This plan for a Dark Tower film trilogy and television series (both will star the same cast) could result in hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of egg in their face. But let's face it; this studio has felt hardships for years now with a number of pricey under-performers and flops – quality notwithstanding.

    "TOLDJA" says an offer has been sent out to Oscar-winner Javier Bardem, who'd been reportedly a candidate, for the lead role of gunslinger Roland Deschain. Again, the studio and filmmakers (in this case, director Ron Howard) get props for such an outside-the-box choice considering the acclaimed actor's lack of commercial clout, despite his Oscar win for No Country For Old Men.

    I'll admit my ignorance to the property. Despite being a longtime fan of author Stephen King, I've never been able to get into The Dark Tower series. So I don't have an immediate gage of whether or not Bardem is the perfect choice for Roland. But just on face value, I like this choice.

    I'm sure my pal Lou will tell me in explicit detail how wrong I am on this weekend's Movie Moan.

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