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    Model Fiorella Castillo Shows Of Her Ball Handling Skills

    This has been one of the most exciting World Cup in decades. It's good to see American's joining together to route for one team, rather than the usual Red Sox vs Yankees mentality in our major sports.  Despite the country's recent exit from the field of 16, it was a good showing for American Soccer. We're finally in the conversation with the rest of the world on the pitch, but when the rest of the world has model's that are better than most players while wearing high heels, we may need to re-think the entire situation.

    Argentina has been proving it's worth on the field while advancing to the Semi-Finals in World Cup play but all eyes are on Buenos Aires model Fiorella Castillo and her superb footwork.

    "I’ve been playing since I was young. I do it more than anything because it’s fun. I see a soccer ball and I turn into a little kid, I love it very much."

    "I wanted a way to compete against the guys, I decided to start doing tricks in high heels. As far as I know, I'm the first girl to do this."

    There has been some really awe inspiring eye candy in the stands, predominantly the women of Brazil, but can any of them handle balls like Fiorella Castillo?

    Soccer you pervs.

    Check the video out below as Yahoo's Ryan Bailey gets his ass handed to him and takes it like a man.


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