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    New 'Halloween' In The Works with John Carpenter Onboard

    I know this news broke a few days ago, but it's still worthy of an entry even if it's a little behind.

    After hearing about the rights to the Halloween franchise expiring with Dimension Films right before the new year, much was made about where horror's most famous series would go.

    Well, we got our answer the other day, and it couldn't be more perfeect.

    Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions (THE horror film producing company so far this decade) has teamed up with Halloween franchise producer Malek Akkad and Miramax to bring a new film to the big-screen for a planned release of October 2017.

    But that's not all.

    John Carpenter - the creator of the franchise and producer, writer and director of the original film - is also back, executive producing this new entry.

    At the press conference announcing this huge news, Jason Blum himself confirmed Carpenter would indeed be 'Godfathering' the project as well as being in preliminary negotiations to compose the new film's score.

    The full press release is linked below but there's even more news on who might be helming this new Halloween entry.

    Bloody Disgusting reports Mike Flanagan (Occulus) is in talks to write and direct the film, but not after noting Adam Wingard (The Guest) might also be lining up to take on the project, based on some cryptic tweets the filmmaker has been sending out since the news broke that a new Halloween was in the works.

    You can view one of the posts from Wingard's official Twitter account below.

    All in all, this is nothing short of the best news that could have happened to the Halloween franchise. It's now housed under a production company that knows how to make great horror movies with fresh, young talent who will now all be chomping at the bit to work with the legend of John Carpenter himself. Not to mention, Blumhouse Productions knows how to make movies with a small budget which is exactly what's needed as less money forces more creativity to make a better, quality film.

    We'll definitely keep you posted on any more news about this project as it becomes available.


     Source: Blumhouse Productions, Bloody Disgusting 

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