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    The Bruce Timm Interview That Was, Then Wasn't?

    It has happened time and time again. A celeb or in this case a minor celeb, says something they aren't supposed to and then later tries to cover their tracks. Then a site that nobody really cares about reports it. It really isn't surprising, but it definitely can be disappointing. I don't necessarily consider myself a Batman fanboy per say, but I am definitely a fan of the character, as I am regarding other DC characters. When I had the chance to attend the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo I was geeked up that Bruce Timm was going to be there. He is a comic legend among the geekdom and I was excited that he would be answering questions in his very own panel at the CCEE.

    Timm took questions from both media and fans. The questions at the panel thrown at Timm were kind of generic and uninspiring, so I proceeded with some questions of my own. My one-on-one interview was posted HERE just days later. I spent about 20 minutes maximum with Timm and he was forthcoming and excited about some upcoming projects. We even talked off the record about some future live action and animated ventures at WB/DC. It was a good time and Timm letting me interview him briefly and bullshitting with me off the record was the highlight of my trip.

    It took me by surprise for a moment that Timm now has decided that our interview "wasn't an actual one-on-one interview" and was "taken out of context". Then I thought about it for a minute or two and realized why. Some of what he revealed might not have been embraced like he thought it would by fans. Also DC or WB might not have wanted the info to come out as it did, so Timm is retracting it. Whatever the reason, the interview did happen. Doesn't make much sense that a writer would invent an interview? Even if a self absorbed Batman site that looks as if it was created in the late 90's, would like you to think so.

    So I don't blame Timm. I understand why he would have to do that. Heck, I would probably do the same thing. Would you really want WB/DC angry at you, I think not? If I were Timm I would have actually made the statement to a bigger and more relevant site like IESB or Latino Review, but why would they want to talk to him anyway?

    Reader Comments (14)

    WOW. I did not see this coming...Thats the business though. People say thing one day and then regret it the next, it's just very grimey on his part to shit on tmt like that though. Whats even more weird about this is some of the things that were aked in the interview have already panned out and been proven to be true.

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterNoah

    I'm assuming this is regarding th interview jett just did with Timm. I don't know...I believe that the interview obviously happened, but it's weird that Timm would take this long to say something if it was apparently not true.

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterBatmanfan

    The interview was not done by Jett is was done by then bof claimed it as their own...BS! smh

    Another thing, I was at the expo as a fan. I sat in on the Timm panel. None of the questions or answers in the interview were asked during the panel. Timm is full of shit. Not to mention the GL thing alone proved to be true, they are not doing more D2V GL...they're doing a show after the movie. Jett is obviously very naive when it comes to this business. ppl like Timm go back on what they say all the time.

    Plausible Deniability!

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterBobby

    I often do writers fudge the truth to get hit counts. That sounds exactly like what happened here with the timm interview.

    For all we know the questions were asked sure, but they probably were taken out of context to make the interview more interesting, writers do that all the time. Not to mention why would someone like Bruce Timm choose to talk to a site like this that hardly anyone's heard of?

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterSly

    Talk to a site like this? He's talking to BOF. Enough said.

    BOF film looks like my little cousin's attempt to color in the lines of a coloring book.

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterDr. Loomis

    Fairly obvious that Timm got some really cold feet about some of what he said. Not sure why.

    The interview has been out there since April, and if you want to point to the "obscurity" of TMT as a reason why Timm would talk to them. The interview was reported on over a dozen sites, including TMT. So its not as if it wasn't seen, most likely by Timm as well. Two months later he is coming out and saying, "taken out of context"?

    Pump the brakes Bruce Timm.

    @ Sly

    "A Site Like This"

    Have you ever been to Batman On Film? It looks like somebody puked out a dozen Batman action figures.

    I was just checking the interviews on this site, they've interviewed Marc Guggenheim and Melora Hardin, Bruce Timm would be carrying their golf bags.

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterBud Bundy

    I have to second Bud and Bizzaro. BOF looks like shit. I'll read TMT along with IESB, comingsoon, Latinoreview, Deadline, etc before I'll go to bof for any news...even if it is to do with batman

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterBobby

    He probably had to rescind his statement due to disclosure parameters invoked in contractual verbiage. If I were a betting man (and I'm not a man) I would bet its all truth. *snickers & darts away, laughing*

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered Commentertmt

    jett has to have some serious balls to steal the BS interview from another half ass shitty site and add his own own crappy intro further shitting on TMT, what a douche. I'm done with BOF and Timm.

    The original interview with Timm thats in question was a good one, I know a lot of ppl that enjoyed it. This new one sounds retarded. Funny how Timm has alot less to say now. He obviously blabbed too much and said some dumb shit. he should have just owned up it instead of fucking tmt in the ass like that. bs on his part.

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterDave

    Funny how all they say is the interview originated from Calgary, they don't sepcify that it was from TMT which provides quality news daily...what assholes on all their parts. I have no idea where Calgary is, but I think that was besides the point. He obviously said some things he wasn't supposed to have said. Why pretend it didn't happen 3 months later? lame!

    06-23-2010 | Unregistered CommenterMark

    I don't understand exactly what Timm wasn't supposed to say... the interview here and the one on BOF don't really contradict each other that i can see

    06-24-2010 | Unregistered CommenterMe

    He said WB told him no more female related superhero characters, they used a black character because of affirmative action, there would be no more GL or WW D2V because of poor sales...

    If bof actually did the inteview, which I'm not convinced they did, then they added the last question purely to discredit tmt. Even if the interview originated from comicvine they obviously had alterior motives as well. Another thing is on bof the intrduce the interview by saying Timm clears up an interview that never was...dick move on his part, these hollyweird douche bags go back on shit they say all the time, but Jett has his tougue so far up wb's ass that he figured it would be easier to shit on anyone else reporting batman related news, what a fuckin tool!

    06-24-2010 | Unregistered CommenterMark

    Jett has such an inflated view of himself. He thinks he is "the go to guy" for Batman news, yet he has been getting scooped by every site since Batman Begins was announced. If he was really legit and had all this inside info coming from WB/DC or the Nolan Camp, he would have already been set up just like Justin over at Bluetights was for Superman Returns. WB/DC would have flipped the bill for BOF and made the site look good instead of something created during the AOL 95 era and gave him some exclusives to news.

    I have been following TMT for over a year and they have had more exclusives and interviews then Jett has had in his entire existence. Jamie and Peter, the owners of this site, are both managing editors over at IESB, I would think they know what is going on over Jett. I mean come on guys.

    06-24-2010 | Unregistered CommenterJumbo Jett

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