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    30 Years of "Empire"

    Ugh, now I'm sad I let my subscription to Entertainment Weekly run out.  Actually, I'm really not that upset about it, but this would have been a cool issue to find in the mailbox this week:

    To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, this week's issue of EW will feature excerpts from Lucasfilm's new book Star Wars: The Making of The Empire Strikes Back, including never-before-seen set photos, early character sketches of Yoda and Boba Fett, and an original script page.  

    In other words...I NEED THIS BOOK!  (which will arrive in bookstores this October)

    I actually saw Empire in theaters when it was first released, so all of this anniversary business is making me feel a bit old.  But I'm not sad about it, because I got to see the "I am your Father" scene before anyone knew it was going to happen.  Of course I was kindergarten and terrified of Darth Vader at the time, but the resulting emotional scars were a small price to pay for the awesomeness of seeing the original Star Wars trilogy during its first release.

    Reader Comments (1)

    Very cool. The original trilogy was a lot better.

    04-10-2010 | Registered CommenterMitch Anderson

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