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    TMT Back At Full Force

    I hope you're all still enjoying what TMT has to offer. I'm back for a moment to make an announcement. I know TMT has been in flux the last couple weeks. I've been getting some emails wondering why the articles have been fewer and asking where Movie Moan was. I'm here to address those questions and more.

    First, I would like to tell you all that going forward it will be business as usual at TMT. The transition, although bumpy, has finally hit a smooth patch. We have finalized the staff going forward, which Jamie and myself are very happy with. You may have noticed articles popping up written by Matthew Fry, well he is part of our new editorial staff. Joining him on the editorial staff is prized TMT veteran Rob Hunter. We're also proud to have added some talented writers; Jen Mayhew, Eric Sopko, and Josh Figueiredo. Each with their own style and each with their own opinion. On top of that, former TMT writer Michael Martinez is returning. As of now Phil Gee is still part of TMT, but you never know where the wind will take this guy. So there you have it, two editors, and at press time we have five writers. Onward and upward.

    In regards to Movie Moan, the plan was to bring Movie Moan over to IESB with Jamie and myself, and that plan is still in effect. We don't have the capabilities locked down yet over at IESB, but you will be able to enjoy it soon. There is a strong possibility that another podcast will be featured over here at some point in the future. Hang on to your hats.

    Thank you for your understanding and enjoy.

    Reader Comments (5)

    Awesome...I was hoping something like this was coming soon. TMT is one of my favourite sites for news and reviews.

    01-28-2010 | Unregistered CommenterMitch Anderson

    It's good to be back, and I have something planned for tonight/Early tomorrow. TMT is back at full force, and will hopefully be better than ever. There's something I don't trust about that Michael character, and that Rob Hunter is always up to no good fromhat I can tell :P

    01-28-2010 | Unregistered CommenterMike

    Anyone here interested in my return to the site? I'd like to return as an occational reporter.
    If you look back at my stories you'll find that they were about things that those other sites didn't report on (Green Power Ranger in the MMA) and stories that I got a jump on (Mtv's Teen Wolf, DC's animated shorts)

    01-29-2010 | Unregistered CommenterDan Scaglione

    I'm glad things have come together again.

    01-29-2010 | Unregistered CommenterI SEE SPIDEY

    Glad you like it Mitch.

    Welcome back Mike.

    Danny, PM me on The Hype.

    Thank you my Spidey. Nom Nom Nom.

    01-30-2010 | Registered CommenterPeter Georgiou

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