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    Exclusive Interview with House of Bad Star Sadie Katz

    Sadie Katz really packs a punch in this December's House of Bad. From director Jim Towns, this intense nail-biter tells of three sisters on the run with a suitcase full of stolen heroin that hide out in their childhood home. A home that happens to be haunted by the ghosts of their parents.

    We caught up with Katz to talk everything that's Good and yes Bad in her life and career at the moment.

    Fair to say this is the most gruelling role of your career? Did you need a stiff drink after shooting at the end of each day?

    House of Bad was definitely emotionally challenging. The days were long and hard. So there wasn't a lot of time to unwind before we had to be up and ready to go again. When the shoot was over, I think I drank a bottle of wine and slept for a week straight.

    Was it a straight audition process getting into the movie?

    I had just come off another shoot Meaning of Violence and was so exhausted I cried the whole way to the audition. But I liked the script for House of Bad so much I wanted to be a part of it. I was sort of a shaky emotional mess during the audition. But I think that worked for Sirah and I got the part!

    Besides from being emotionally draining, I imagine the film was also rather physically demanding.  Did that mean training more, eating better, and so on while working on the film?

    Yes, I did a cleanse, ate only kale and did 500 sit ups a day! Okay... not really. But that would be a cool answer if I did! I think my biggest work out was sugar free Red Bull and cigarettes. Kidding... sort of.

    Were you familiar with your co-stars prior to shooting? because you have great chemistry!

    Thank you for saying so. Cheryl and I had both studied separately an acting method by Eric Morris and Heather I believe studied Meisner which I also studied. We were all on the same page with our acting craft and all took the film very seriously. From the very first table read, I think we all just started relating to each other like our characters. I have a still from shooting where we all are hugging and we really look like sisters! I think we felt that way too! So much of acting and chemistry has to do with your ability to listen and be honest in the moment both Cheryl and Heather are so present you forget there's cameras going and you're lost in the scene. I'm so lucky to have worked with them.

    What's your favorite scene in House of Bad?

    The scene with Teig's bare-ass and she's talking to the ghost of our father. It was the very first scene shot. She had a ton of dialogue, she's nude and Heather just nails it. Very brave, very honest performance. Well done.

    You definitely seem to be an actress that refuses to be pigeonholed after doing so many different types of movies. Can we ask how Birthday Sex came about? And what kind of reaction have you had to that! What's good about it is that it's done tastefully, artistically and demonstrates just how brave you are!

    You're the first interviewer that's actually brought that up! That's awesome. Thank you for calling it brave! I like that and felt that way. It was a job, one that paid well, 60 pages of dialogue, was shot with a three camera set up, swoop cranes and a very professional crew in a mansion. I wore this weird...  ummm... nude taped thing over my know. I got some heat about doing late night from ummm... everyone! However I was sorta terrified and intrigued by the idea. So you know that made me want to do it more. I actually did another one Hidden Treasures and did a couple of episodes for Playboy of their series 7 Lives Exposed. I'd probably do more but that's not a genre I'm working right now. The fans for those films are also pretty damn nice so I don't regret it and think it made me even more open as an actor.

    You have another film in the works called 13 Girls. Can you tell us about that?

    It's directed by Jim Towns and is CSI with Catholic School girls. Sounds awesome already right? I play a detective who is coming back from leave after accidently shooting her partner and is trying to redeem herself. Her first case is the unsolved death of 13 Catholic School girls. Demons are involved and it's scary. The script gave me nightmares. It also stars Daniel Robuck and Jamie Bernadette who I'm actually gearing up to be filming a gritty, dark drama Beautiful Ink in New Jersey after Christmas.

    House of Bad will be available on Home Video on December 3. You can follow Sadie Kats on Facebook, Twitter and her official website.

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