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    John Romita Jr Joins DC Comics


    DC Comics dropped a huge bombshell earlier this week with the announcement of a new creative team on the Superman title at the company. Generally a creative shift in books wouldn't garner much attention, but when a creator associated with one company jumps to another it creates waves. John Romita Jr is primarly known for his time at Marvel working with Greg Pak on World War Hulk, Brian Bendis on Avengers, and recently Captain America with Rick Remender. He's also likely well known for his work on Kick-Ass with Mark Millar with those stories recently being adapted into feature films.

    While this announcement is huge, the writing duties will also shift from Scott Lobdell to Geoff Johns who is DC's top writer at the moment. Lobdell has been less than desireable on the title since coming on to it so a huge creative change like this may just be the thing to help sales on the book rise.

    IGN got a few words from Romita Jr:

    JRJR: [Laughs] Honestly, his first reaction was his eyes were wide open. “Are you really going to do this?” We have gone back and forth in discussions with the DC guys on two or three occasions before this. He said, “Are you really going to do it this time? You’re not going to just tempt them and leave them in a lurch.” I said, “No, and if I did that before, I feel stupid. I wouldn’t do that again.” When I did make the decision, he said, “Good. If you’re happy, I’m happy.” He said, “I have no allegiance anymore. I’ve been retired since 1996.” He said, “Whatever’s good for you, whatever’s good for your family,” and he said, “Best of all, it’s something that’s different and something new, something you would never consider,” which were the words that came out of my mouth a short time before that. He’s very biased, but he’s very happy.

    No date has been set for their first appearance on the book, but Scott Lobdell's run currently heads up until April with #30.

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