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    Archives > Even More Avatar Talk

    What's that you're hearing? It's Jamie eating his words (Scrumdiddlyumptious!) as Avatar has broken past the $1 billion mark at the world-wide box-office. It wouldn't be Movie Moan without him and Phil bitching about James Cameron's latest money-printing All four of your favorite Movie Moaners have now seen Avatar and it's time to hear Ed and Lou's take.

    In addition, our heroes also chat up Sherlock Holmes (and start throwing out casting suggestions for Moriarty for the sequel), Crazy Heart and the latest Inception trailer. Also is the failure of Princess & the Frog the "death" of hand-drawn animation over at Disney? Has James Cameron topped Michael Bay in displaying his military fetish? What are the career prospects for Sam Worthington now?

    Most important of all - when will we all stop talking about Avatar?

    Movie Moan - Even More Avatar Talk

    01-3-2010 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams

    I liked the story of Avatar and the effects were amazing.

    01-9-2010 | Unregistered CommenterA2theH