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    Archives > Corporate Whoring

    By that, we're referring to this past week's episode of Bones. Yep, Fox turned their successful police procedural into a corporate whore for Avatar. Who needs to solve a murder when you can talk about how amazing Cameron and his movie are going to be. That along with other topics are discussed on the latest edition of the Movie Moan podcast.

    Phil, Ed, Lou and Jamie chat up the recent delays on The Hobbit. Filming has been pushed to the middle of next year and there are conflicting reports of just when the Hell its coming out now. Paul Greengrass delighted Jamie by announcing he was walking away from Bourne 4. Lou gives his thoughts on the four film he's recently seen - A Christmas Carol, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2012 and The Road. Phil finally pissed off fanboys with something he said. No, it wasn't about Twilight or Superman. It was Conan! *Gasp!*

    All of that plus Ed and Jamie face off against Phil and Lou over the actual budget of Avatar. The former believe it cost $400-$500 million and the latter doesn't. Who will win the debate? More importantly, why should they care since none of its profit will go to them?

    Movie Moan - Corporate Whoring

    12-6-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams

    I agree with Phil about Avatar's budget no way that Fox allowed to cost more than $350 milllion but it doesn't matter because it's making butt loads of money.

    01-7-2010 | Unregistered CommenterA2theH