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    Archives > Phil and Jamie Blew Their Money On 2012

    Despite stating he wouldn't, Jamie turned out to be a lying asshole - shocking ten people. Yes, he paid money to see 2012 this weekend. Phil did as well, but he made no such statements the previous weekend thus putting him in the clear. Their reaction to Roland Emmerich's latest destruction porn epic is discussed on this week's Movie Moan.

    Along with Mr. Ed Hocken, our heroes chat up the latest news of the week including the final nail in the coffin that is MGM, Phil's ill-fated Thor audition, Marty being the precursor to The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Jane Lynch. Spider-Man 4 casting rumors have been swinging left and right as the guys also discuss the "interesting" similarities between the Spider-Man and Superman films. Phil gives his final Avatar predictions and trailer-reactions to Kick-Ass and Clash of the Titans.

    And what would any podcast be without mentioning Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans? AKA how Nicolas Cage likes to kill your grandmother!

    Movie Moan - Phil and Jamie Blew Their Money On 2012

    11-15-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams