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    Archives > Dan Aykroyd and Vodka Together At Last

    Certainly one of the stranger mix of film-news this week on Movie Moan. Phil, Ed and Jamie start off this podcast chatting up the Yogi Bear movie - as written and directed by Jamie Williams. Alec Baldwin and Rip Torn are in a race against time to stop a serial-killing, picnic-basket stealing bear before it's too late. Don't judge them! You know what you want to see that movie - admit it.

    Against the legal council of Ed and Jamie, Phil went to see A Christmas Carol this weekend and proclaims it "Worst Zemeckis Movie Ever!" What can they say? Phil was warned before hand. They also discuss Steve Martin and the afore-mentioned Alec Baldwin hosting the Academy Awards next year, the Peter Berg-directed Battleship film featuring aliens (!?!) at the villains and kick-ass posters for Clash of the Titans being leaked (and quickly yanked!)

    All of that plus the "Avatar vs. Sherlock Holmes" battle rages on, reactions to Holmes and Prince of Persia trailers and Jamie gets into a rant about The Dark Knight's pre-release hype. And of course, what would be a better way to close out Movie Moan than talking about Dan Aykroyd whoring Vodka.

    Movie Moan - Dan Aykroyd and Vodka Together At Last

    11-8-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams