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    Archives > Honestly Who Cares?

    We're finally past the "Dead Zone" of movie-news, folks. Thank God! Thus this week's edition of Movie Moan entail our heroes (in this case, Phil, Lou and Jamie) discussing them while giving their ever-so-colorful commentary.

    The non-stop headache of Green Lantern continues (Where the Hell will it film? Is Jackie Earle Haley going to play Sinestro? Will it finally stop hitting all these road-blocks to get made?), Chris Pine headlining another reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise (while simultaneously still cruising the galaxy as Captain Kirk in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel), Bill Murray shitting on the chances of seeing Ghostbusters 3 in our lifetime and the long-last meeting between Roland Emmerich and William Shakespeare.

    All of those topics in addition to Phil's man-love for Yul Brynner (and Sam Raimi), Matt Helm, whether or not The Avengers will make its projected May 2012 release date and past memories of "Hype!"

    Movie Moan - Honestly Who Cares?

    10-18-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams