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    Archives > First Podcast Killed For Lousy Ratings

    Right off the bat, the guys at Movie Moan (Phil, Ed and Jamie) are quoting Network, the great gem of a film from director Sidney Lumet and Paddy Chayefsky. Said satire is the subject of this week's "Moanin 'Bout a Movie." You'll even get to hear Phil and Jamie's first non film-related argument towards the end.

    Meanwhile, our heroes also touch upon the Toy Story 3 trailer that "premiered" this past Friday (i.e. someone loaded it on YouTube days before Disney is to officially unveil it). Phil is walking on air because he finally got to see Pixar's Up after months of anticipation. Yes, it's safe to say he loved it as the guys get the chance to discuss the film at long last.

    Ed talks about a screening of Trick 'R Treat he attended last week with its writer/director Mike Dougherty and Anna Pauqin there and the rumors of the James Bond franchise possibly moving to 20th Century Fox (*Gasp!*) is discussed.

    Movie Moan - First Podcast Killed For Lousy Ratings

    10-11-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams