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    Archives > Movie Gloat

    By our very own Phil Gee's suggestion, the title to this week's Movie Moan refers to the recent box-office failure of Jennifer's Body. It's a film that Phil along with Ed and Jamie have long thought would tank in theaters. So there you have it.

    In addition to chatting about Jamie's dislike of Megan Fox's "biting the hand that feeds you" mentality towards Michael Bay (regardless of his being a bastard) and the Transformers films, the guys have a few other topics to talk up. The recent revelation of "no current plans" for the next Superman movie (and Phil giving Jamie another excuse to bring up the Japanese Toyota Prius commercials), Johnny Depp being not-so-crazy about doing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides now after the firing of Disney chairman Dick Cook, what to think of the Star Trek sequel potentially going for "modern-day issues" and more importantly what should its subtitle be and the fact that Indiana Jones 5 looks to be actually happening. *Sigh*

    In between those topics come the random off-topic bullshit including Phil having to putting up with Gwyneth Paltrow, the 1970s Japanese Spider-Man television series, Peter Berg directing a film version of the board-game Battleship and of course James Woods. Wrapping up the podcast is Moanin' Bout a Movie. This week, its Jamie's turn and he picks Mike Nichols' Closer from 2004.

    Movie Moan – Movie Gloat

    09-20-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams