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    Archives > Movie Moan - Some Logic to Jamie's Bullshit

    That's it, ladies and germs. The 2009 Summer Movie Season is officially over with this weekend's releases of Final Destination 4 and Halloween II. Phil, Ed and Jamie reflect on the past four months worth of films and compare their initial predictions back in April to what ultimately went down.

    They were right on some items (Transformers and Potter sequels easily owned), off on others (Jamie calling Land of the Lost one of Will Ferrell's biggest hits? Ouch!) and some genuine "Who saw that coming?!?" (The Hangover's $420 million box-office!) In between is our heroes usual off-topic bullshit discussions including just how many films have been shot near Ed's home (but yet he didn't appear on screen), Jamie does his Harold Ramis impression and Phil's hope of hopes that HellBoy III will some day get made.

    All of that plus why seeing a non-Pixar animated film by yourself is socially-unacceptable, revisionist history with just how many good movies Heath Ledger was in, why Oliver Stone's W would have been better as a Muppet movie and just how modern-day Nazis are offended by their depiction in Inglorious Basterds.

    Movie Moan - Some Logic to Jamie's Bullshit

    08-30-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams