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    Archives > Movie Moan - Hot Wings Edition

    Since it's Phil's birthday, we figured that we'd unveil a new Movie Moan logo (special thanks to our pal dark_b for providing the so-oh-awesome artwork) and have a special extended edition of the show this week. In other words, Phil, Jamie and Ed got really off-topic in between bitching about film franchises!

    Among the items up for conversation, our heroes answer fan questions towards our hatred of all things Ben Lyons and give horror stories from past Comic-Con experiences. Regarding the week in news, the guys discuss "Avatar Day" now including the theatrical trailer (Footage being shown to the general public? *Gasp!*), Ridley Scott's return to the Alien franchise, Pirates 4 getting a new director in the form of Rob Marshall, the possiblity of two Star Trek sequels being filmed back-to-back and the next Superman film apparently being fast-tracked.

    All of that plus Jamie and Ed review Funny People, first reactions to Steven Spielberg's next film being a remake of Harvey (said story broke in the middle of recording this podcast), their predictions for how G.I. Joe will next weekend and thoughts on the trailers for A Serious Man and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    Movie Moan - Hot Wings Edition

    08-2-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams

    I didn't like Funny People either.

    12-22-2009 | Unregistered CommenterA2theH