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    Archives > Movie Moan - Harry Potter & the Differing Reviews

    On this week's edition of Movie Moan, Phil, Jamie and Ed are once again joined by their pal Lou as the group review Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. Shockingly, Jamie didn't like it (!?!) and Phil did. Listen to an epic battle of film criticism between two friends who loved the previous Potter installments. Who will be left standing?

    Among the other topics for discussion include Moon (which Phil checked out this weekend right after Half-Blood Prince), whether or not we'll be hearing casting announcements of The Hobbit at this week's San Diego Comic-Con, Bridget Jones 3 (cut to: Phil being dragged kicking and screaming to the theater), Darren Aronofsky possibly being off the Robocop reboot and G.I. Joe spoilers.

    Movie Moan - Harry Potter & the Differing Reviews

    07-19-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams