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    Archives > Movie Moan - Phil's Balls & Franchise News

    We figured since it was such a big week in terms of franchise news, we'd have a special guest. That's right, folks! TMT co-owner/operator Peter Georgiou joins Phil, Jamie and Ed on the latest edition of Movie Moan.

    And yes, with "Balls" being in the title of this week's podcast, we're referring to Bruno which Phil and Ed have both seen and review for us. Jamie sadly couldn't catch it (damn local theatre chain!) and Peter opted out.

    Our heroes also go into detail discussing big news-items including Ryan Reynolds being picked to headline Green Lantern, the fact that we might get the next Superman film sooner rather than later with the recent "2011 or else!" court decision, Jack Ryan's cinematic return (cut to: Phil and Jamie's rare nerdgasming over fantasy-casting James Marsden) and Spider-Man 4 getting yet another screenwriter on board.

    All of that, plus reactions to the new trailers for Big Fan, District 9 and Jennifer's Body, footage from the forthcoming Gatchaman animated film being unveiled and Ed and Peter's discussion on the Ginger Snaps film-series.

    Movie Moan - Phil's Balls & Franchise News

    07-12-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams