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    Archives > Movie Moan - IMAX Hates the Brits

    Phil, Jamie, Ed and Lou (who joins us about a third into the show) are here with you again for another edition of Movie Moan here at Think McFly Think.

    This week, its reviews all around as Ed discusses Moon, Phil and Jamie chat up The Hangover and Lou chimes in with his thoughts on Drag Me to Hell. The now publicly-documented problems behind the forthcoming box-office stinker also known as G.I. Joe is among the topics of debate.

    Also on docket is news on Mission: Impossible IV, Bond 3, John Carter of Mars, Pirates 4 and why Jamie is a hypocritical asshole. Meanwhile, Phil reveals his own-inner desires to see Mickey Rooney playing Whiplash in the Iron Man sequel as opposed to Mickey Rourke.

    And to wrap things up, Phil gives us a good old fashioned rant against IMAX (i.e. totally racist towards the Brits for you ask me) and asks the guys whether or not they think Avatar will make its Christmas 2009 release date.

    Movie Moan - IMAX Hates the Brits

    06-14-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams