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    Archives > Movie Moan - Three of Us Saw Up, Guess Who Didn't

    That's right, they finally got off their lazy asses and actually made an effort to add music to their show. Yes, we're all rather surprised really...

    But in all seriousness, Phil, Jamie, Ed Hocken and Lou Sytsma are back with you folks on the latest edition of Movie Moan. On this week's epic adventure, three of our heroes have seen Up and one didn't. Here's a hint: he's British.

    Besides fielding questions and discussing various aspects to the latest Pixar affair, Lou gives his reaction to Terminator: Salvation and everyone laments to the fact that the film is a box-office flop (and not an under-performer as Jamie had labeled it as last week) and the franchise as a whole is dead.

    Meanwhile, Phil and Ed discuss the news of a Doctor Who film in development, 20th Century Fox's decision to make a prequel to Alien where everyone shoots out their ideas including spin-offs and cross-over projects with board-game movies and ask the eternal question, "What happened to Paul Reiser?"

    As well as chatting up the latest bits on Iron Man 2, Tintin and Avatar, the guys discuss what they want to see from the (eventual) Batman III on this week's latest edition of "Memo to the Executives!"

    Movie Moan - Three of Us Saw Up, Guess Who Didn't

    05-31-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams