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    Archives > Movie Moan - To Boldly Go Off-Topic

    On this week's edition, our heroes discuss Universal's recent decision to place BioShock "on hold" and what this means for its director Gore Verbinski.

    Phil gives his $.02 on Clash of the Titans and asks the eternal question "How can Ralph Fiennes compare to James Woods?" and Jamie is given one last time to "repent" from his prediction that Wolverine will churn out $70-$80 million as the 2009 Summer Box-Office season officially begins this coming Friday.

    But as usual, the guys (mostly Jamie, to be fair) get off-topic posing such questions as "Is Diet Pepsi considered a food?" and "Is Sam Worthington really worth the hype he's been getting for the past two years now?"

    All of that and more (including what Jamie thinks is going on with Sam Raimi and Spider-Man 4 behind-the-scenes) on this week's Movie Moan!

    Movie Moan - To Boldly Go Off-Topic

    04-26-2009 | Registered CommenterJamie Williams