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    Archives > MovieMoan - The Original Series Episode 6: Superman

    Hey folks, as an early Easter present from myself and Jamie Williams I proudly present another dose of 'MovieMoan' with visual YouTube enhancement.

    This time, we take a look at my personal favourite set of movies; the Superman films (it's certainly the set of films I know more about than any other). Unlike other movies series such as POTC where we can only bitch about bad writing and over-spending, Superman provides a huge kaleidoscope of topics to discuss and we pretty much cover it all in this set of videos. I really hope you enjoy them as I'm pretty proud of these ones:-

    Part 1: Adoration of Superman The Movie and bitching about Superman II.

    Part 2: Come back Superman II, we ain't finished with you yet, and drag Superman III over here as well.

    Part 3: Superman IV is better than Superman III says Phil.

    Part 4: Superman Returns is actually based on the true story of Jamie's love life.

    04-5-2009 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    Excellent retrospective gents! The godlike aspect of Supes is the character's biggest drawback. The whole Kryptonite gambit is so limiting. I prefer stories where they get to Superman emotionally through his loved ones etc. but they are a lot harder to setup.

    That is why Spidey, even over Batman, resonates more for me. Peter Parker is just an ordinary guy with extraordinary powers. A true underdog.

    04-9-2009 | Unregistered CommenterOldDarth