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    Archives > MovieMoan - The Original Series Episode 5: Gawd, we even moan about 'Aliens'

    Hey folks, I know the last Youtube MovieMoan spectacular promised that the next videos would be about how the Alien film series completely failed to live up to it's potential with parts 3 & 4. Unfortunately (and I've been wrestling with this all week), the show sucked and would not make a good video for your enjoyment....

    ...Except perhaps this little bit. Jamie and myself were joined by our good friend Darren J Seeley during which he pointed out a plot hole in my second favourite film ever, 'Aliens' which has been bugging me ever since. Watch this and see if you can figure out the mystery. Solutions in the comments section if you please. Enjoy:-

    And the next videos are all about the Superman movies so you can be sure that I will be cooking a full three course meal this time, so to speak:)

    03-20-2009 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    WatchMen played out at the theaters as expected. The extended cut on DVD is destined to be the only version to watch in the future.

    04-9-2009 | Unregistered CommenterOldDarth