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    Archives > MovieMoan - The Original Series Episode 4: The Dark Knight

    Hey special friends, Phil Gee here again to deliver another Youtube enhanced 'MovieMoan' special edition.

    I'm sure you know the drill by now. From 2007 - 2008, Jamie Williams and myself presented a live movie discussion show where we deconstructed, analysed, bitched and lamented the movie franchises and series that had so much potential and turned to crap for whatever reason.

    Shortly after the release of 'The Dark Knight' (you might have heard of it) we took a look at the entire Batman franchise but I was shocked to learn that Jamie hadn't even seen all of 'Batman & Robin' (but he did see 'Battlefield Earth' in theatres - go figure) and we kinda like the other Bat films so we didn't have much to say that would make a good Youtube video.

    Then our wonderful friend Queen Kristina called in to discuss 'The Dark Knight' and since the real strength of any film is how well it stands up to the bitching of two Americans and a Brit, we did a little nitpicking on this otherwise outstanding film. Enjoy:-

    03-9-2009 | Registered CommenterPhil Gee

    Nicely done! Great to hear from the queen again.

    Maggie was fine by me.

    The boat sequence is full of swiss cheese logic holes and plays like an overblown version of Spidey 1 where Peter has to choose between MJ and the cable car.

    03-20-2009 | Unregistered CommenterOld Darth