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    Christopher Plummer Joins Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The cast is being finalized just before cameras roll on Sony's high-profile remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with director David Fincher.

    THR reports Christopher Plummer will step into the role of Henrik, the Vanger family patriarch who hires disgraced reporter Mikael Blomkvis (Daniel Craig) and hacker Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara, whom everyone is waiting to see how she turns out) to find the whereabouts of his beloved niece.

    Originally, Max Von Sydow had secured the part. But I guess certain agreements couldn't be met, and here we have good old Plummer instead.


    "Night Catches Us" Trailer

    You can now watch the official trailer for NIGHT CATCHES US exclusively on Apple Trailers!

    In 1976, after years of mysterious absence, Marcus (Anthony Mackie, “The Hurt Locker”) returns to the Philadelphia neighborhood where he came of age in the midst of the Black Power movement. While his arrival raises suspicion among his family and former neighbors, he finds acceptance from his old friend Patricia (Kerry Washington, “Ray,” “Lift”) and her daughter. However, Marcus quickly finds himself at odds with the organization he once embraced, whose members suspect he orchestrated the slaying of their former comrade-in-arms. In a startling sequence of events, Marcus must protect a secret that could shatter everyone's beliefs as he rediscovers his forbidden passion for Patricia.

    NIGHT CATCHES US premieres on iTunes, On Demand, Playstation, Xbox Live, Amazon and Vudu on October 29, and opens in theaters on December 3, 2010.

    Visit The Official Site and become a fan on The Official Facebook Page.


    Robert Zemeckis Returning to Live-Action & Time-Travel

    It's weird how filmmakers you grew up admiring and thinking them as untouchable eventually lose that...well, touch.

    For Robert Zemeckis (the director of classics like Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forest Gump), no one is gonna argue the culprit behind his spiral has been his dedication to motion-capture films. It started off well with The Polar Express (cute enough movie), but can't repeat the sentiment for Beowulf, A Christmas Carol and a Yellow Submarine re-do.

    But...what's...this?!? He's returning to live-action features? This has to be symptoms from this damn virus that's been killing me since Monday. Nope, this comes outta "TOLDJA!" so it's real.

    Zemeckis is poised to return to not only live-action, but the time-travel genre with the just sold pitch Timeless. No further details are available currently besides the studio involved (Warner Brothers) and screenwriter assigned the job (Mike Thompson). So we'll have to use our imaginations for the moment.


    I Am Number Four Teaser Trailer

    Take away the alien angle, and this feels like another X-Men movie.

    Yahoo! Movies has the teaser trailer up and running for I Am Number Four. That's the sci-fi/action/teenage movie helmed by D.J. Caruso and produced by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay and based on an as-yet-published book co-authored by "non-fiction" writer James Frey.


    Christopher Nolan Confirms the Obvious: He's Directing Batman 3

    It was only a matter of time before someone got flat out confirmation. Even if it's "No shit, Sherlock!" news, it's yet to be "officially" confirmed, and who am I kidding? Had I had the words uttered to me straight from the man I too would have run to the hills with this news-item.

    Christopher Nolan is directing Batman 3. Not courtesy of the info-stealers from "TOLDJA" or the trades, but thankfully Empire.

    Just last week, he confirmed he was putting his touches on the script (first penned by his brother Jonah) all the while he looks for a suitable Superman: The Man of Steel director before heading back to Gotham City for a third (and, by all accounts, final) time.

    Commence fan speculation on the title and villain(s).


    Tobey Maguire To Produce And Star In Good People

    Comingsoon.Net via Production Weekly has revealed that former Spider-Man Tobey Maguire has set up his next project, an adaption of crime thriller "Good People" by Marcus Sakey.

    I recall the writer's book "The Blade Itself" being bought up by Ben Affleck to turn into a movie and apparently the rights to his third novel "At the City’s Edge" have also been snapped up, for a writer who has only written five thrillers it is quite a testament to his ability that three of them are already set to become films.

    Niels Arden Oplev, who directed the Swedish adaptation of Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" will helm the movie and below is a synopsis from Sakey's official website.

    A family, and the security to enjoy it: that’s all Tom and Anna Reed ever wanted. But years of infertility treatments, including four failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, have left them with neither. The emotional and financial costs are straining their marriage and endangering their dreams.

    Then one night everything changes. Offered a chance at a future they'd almost lost hope in, they seize it. One simple choice. A fairy tale ending.

    But Tom and Anna soon realize that fairy tales never come cheap. Because their decision puts them square in the path of ruthless men. Men who've been double-crossed, and who won’t stop until they get revenge.

    No matter where they find it.

    This seems like a good deal for all involved, it's ideal material for Oplev to ease his transition into US cinema and it offers a strong lead role for Tobey Maguire, all we need now is for the female lead to be well cast and this one becomes a very promising project.


    Captain American Submarine Pics Dock

    The Liverpool Daily Post has gotten hold of some exclusive pics of a cool looking submarine being used in the Marvel comics adaption "Captain America."

    Below are a couple of pics and some info about the vehicle, so far we've not any official stills from the movie but the set shots have been much better than on most of these movies.

    THE DAILY POST can today reveal these exclusive photos taken of the full size submarine created for blockbuster Captain America.

    Comic enthusiasts and film fans have eagerly awaited proof of a boat that was rumoured to have been built at Stanley Dock.But heavy security meant the large Liverpool set for the upcoming Marvel film was kept under wraps.

    The dock area was transformed into 1940s New York before cast including actor Chris Evans arrived to film the Marvel Studios blockbuster, Captain America: The First Avenger.There was speculation Hollywood film bosses would build a full size German U-Boat inside the closed set. The First Avenger: Captain America, directed by Joe Johnston, is due for release in the UK in July 2011.

    Captain America was first thought up to help encourage patriotic feeling during World War II.The big-budget film will tell the origin of Captain America, one of Marvel’s most iconic superhero comic book characters. The story will follow a young soldier called Steve Rogers, who volunteers to undergo a series of experiments and becomes Captain America.


    Josh Holloway's New Mission

    Josh Holloway has been added to the already solid cast of the next Mission:Impossible film.  His character is set to join Ethan Hunt's (Tom Cruise) special task force as a secret agent.

    J.J. Abrams is producing with Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner, and may have a hand in bringing Halloway over from his work on Lost.  Snagging the typical hunk from the show may lure some of the hard core fans in to see how he performs in his first high end studio film.

    Release date is set for December 16, 2011


    Moriarty shows his face

    Brad Pitt's name has been thrown around since Sherlock Holmes' release about being the hidden faced Moriarty. Well that vision is now true... for a man Pitt starred with at least.

    Latino Review has a scoop that Jared Harris, who starred with Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, has been chosen for the shadowy Moriarty.  He is known recently for his role in the well reviewed and growingly popular series on AMC, Mad Men.

    I mainly remember Harris from Mr. Deeds where he disguised himself as a giant carton of ice cream once.  

Not much to say on the casting choice since I am unfamiliar with the character but I enjoy Harris on Mad Men and other roles I’ve seen him in so it should be solid.


    Natalie Portman As Lois Lane?

    The Superman news just keeps on coming. Our good friends over at Moviehole are now reporting on a possible candidate for Lois Lane. Apparently the cute as a button and just as equally sexy Natalie Portman has been contacted for the role.

    A friend that worked on "Black Swan" with Mr Aronofsky tells us that the filmmaker has actually "been talking about this for a while" and that they don't think talks have "progressed beyond the suggestion of having Nat[alie Portman] be Lois. They wanted her first time around, this time they can get her - with Darren. But who knows where that's at now" Now that's cool! And I assume they're referring to the studio being keen on Ms Portman for "Superman Returns". "...nothing on paper yet. Don't add his name to the IMDB director listing on the film's page yet", she adds.

    Not a bad choice, I guess I can see it. Problem being, is the choice would seem very similar to the look of Bosworth's version of Lois, or would you call it Singer's? Which would make sense because the report is  that Portman was actually up for Lois in "Superman Returns". 

    If they are already contacting actresses about playing Lois, you would think they might have their Superman...