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    Transformers 3 Gets Its Title

    A title this stupid is by no means a surprise considering the franchise in question. This feels more like a "OK. Here it is, now move along, people!" story.

    TFW2005 (via Collider) uncovered the title for the third Transformers movie – Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.

    Although the plot is being kept under lock and key, we can rest assured expect Shia LaBeouf's Sam running away from explosions, his parents embarrassing him in some fashion, fart jokes (how does one top Transformer testicals?) and Michael Bay camera-fucking.

    All the while this going on, Megan Fox will be sulking somewhere in the world wishing she'd kept her big ungrateful mouth shut.


    Warner Brothers Eyeing Directors for Tales from the Gangster Squad

    Warner Brothers is a blaze to get going on Tales from the Gangster Squad. As of last week, the studio knocked on the door of Ben Affleck (hot off The Town being an across-the-board success with audiences, critics and financially), and seemed like a good pairing given the subject matter and the actor/director’s filmography as of late.

    Vulture reports Affleck has passed on the opportunity to make the crime drama (about a team of cops out to bring down L.A. gangster Mickey Cohen in the 1940s) his third directorial project. One helmer down, but there are plenty of others out there, and the studio is certainly looking.

    They've reportedly already tapped on the shoulders of one Darren Aronofsky to take the reign and waiting to hear a "Ya or nay" answer back from him. Now if he passes (and he's in the midst of talks with Fox about that Wolverine sequel), Latino Review knows who else is on WB's list.

    Assuming Aronofsky rejects their offer, Greg Berlanti (Life As We Know It), Martin Campbell (Green Lantern), Scott Cooper (Crazy Hart), Paul Greengrass (United 93) and Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) are the other candidates up to snuff.

    Your guess is as good as the next schmuck's about who will get the job. I'd prefer Aronofsky just as so he can avoid that Wolverine follow-up. But I'd be a dipshit to stick my nose up at the likes of these back-up directors either.


    A comment on this whole 'Superman' script mess

    Well, I have to say my morning was pretty good until I did my usual film website readings and saw this story going around the net regarding the fact that David Goyer's script for the new Superman film is apparently a mess.  I was even more irked by the fact that reportedly Zack Snyder wasn't even the first choice to direct the flick and that Darren Aronofsky and Ben Affleck passed on the project because of the quality of the script, or lack thereof.  Let me just say this loud and clear so everyone gets this through their heads...BS!

    Now I know what you're all thinking, what does this contributing writer to ThinkMcFlyThink (the future of movie news, by the way), know about the new Superman project?  Well I'll be honest, nothing.  I have no clue what's going on behind the scenes at Burbank.  What I do have though is something called logical thinking.  Let me explain.

    1) The first news of David Goyer writing the new Superman film, with Christopher Nolan producing, was reported way back on exactly February 24th.  Today is October 6th.  That is nearly 8 months since the initial story broke.  I don't know about you, but 8 months to me seems like more than enough time to get a script 'right' and not rush it.  Not to mention, Goyer had already talked the story over with Nolan weeks before the initial announcement, so we're talking more like 9 months in actuality.

    2) Christopher Nolan is the 'godfather' behind this project.  Has the man ever done anything that wasn't quality and screamed "I took my time with this"?  No.  Never.  The man would not put his talents behind a project (along with his wife, Emma Thomas) and move forward when it wasn't ready to be put into production.

    3) One bit of news that everyone is forgetting from the initial announcement of Goyer writing the Superman film is that Jonah Nolan was working on the script as well.  Now, I'm not saying Jonah was as involved as Goyer in putting the story together, but I guarantee the guy took a pass at the script.  Goyer, Chris, and Jonah are like a team now with whatever they do.  They should be nicknamed' The Brothers Nolan and Dave.'  No?

    4) While it can be argued that Aronosfky and Affleck are better quality filmmakers than Snyder, you're forgetting one thing.  Those two have nearly zero experience with special effects and large budgets.  Snyder does.  Even though his films might lack substance and emphasize style, he knows how to make a big budget flick.  He's been there.  Just like in sports.  Would you go with the talented rookie who's never been in a pressure situation before, or go with the seasoned veteran who knows how to get the job done?  Exactly.

    5) If there's one thing Warner Bros. has shown over the past 5 years or so, it is that they are committed to bringing high quality comic-book movies to the silver screen.  Green Lantern was in-development for well over 3 years before the Martin Campbell directed flick even went into production.  Now I know WB has a deadline for Superman, but I can't imagine them rushing a flick so quickly to the point that if it fails, it won't matter if they retained the rights anyway.

    This is all just my opinion, and I know others will have theirs it what is happening right now with the new Superman flick, but before anyone calls panic on what is happening, just take a deep break, relax, and think about the situation for a second.  That's what I did.


    Darren Aronosfky Might Helm Wolverine 2 After All?

    He doesn't "need" to do one. No one will argue his career is headed anywhere near the Border in quality. But Darren Aronofsky seems hell-bent to direct a big comic-book tentpole, and one way or another, he'll get his way.

    Since the Superman gig slipped through his fingers, Vulture reports Aronofsky is in negotiations to helm 20th Century Fox's Wolverine sequel. Similar to the Last Son of Krypton, the next solo Logan flick has gone through a slew of would-be directors. Aronofsky himself was in contention for the latest X-Men spin-off months back. But last we all peaked in; David Slade appeared all but locked in. Perhaps the opportunity of apprehending a high-caliber helmer in Aronofsky is too enticing for the studio – especially when star Hugh Jackman has director approval and keen to work with his Fountain helmer again.

    Of course, talks between Aronofsky's people and Fox could hit a standstill. That's what I'm hoping goes down. If he's going to go full on comic book movie, I'd rather it be Preacher (although it'd be a cold day in Hell before any studio bankrolls that – it'd have to be independently funded in order to happen, and if that appears highly unlikely) or that Robocop reboot.


    Superman Auditions Commence Next Month

    Didn't get your fill of Superman: The Man of Steel info for now? You need not worry. We're only half-way through the week and there's plenty more to spread around.

    Now that we have a story (though the shape of its script is in question), director (Zack Snyder) and release date (Christmas 2012), we need a young chap to wear the red-and-blue suit as the new Kal-El. Just who the Hell will that be?

    What's Playing says auditioning for Clark Kent and his big-blue-scout alter ego (or the other way around depending on your interpretation of the character) starts next month with "names preferred" as the objective. Their casting agency source goes as far to say they expect "a big name" sporting that iconic S symbol on his chest (Jon Hamm, perhaps?)

    Then again, these roles are typically filled by lesser-to-flat out-unknown actors (usually because they're cheap and willing to commit to a multiple-picture deal). So it's no surprise to hear possible candidates to headline the franchise include "the dead boyfriend on Damages" (Noah Bean) and "the True Blood guy" (could be any number of folks, but I'm guessing Joe Manganiello as he's made it publicly known his desire to play Supes for awhile now).

    It wasn't too terribly long between Bryan Singer coming aboard for Superman Returns and the casting of Brandon Routh (who'd long been on WB's radar). Curious to see how quickly the studio and filmmakers lock down our next cinematic Man of Steel.


    Goyer's Superman Treatment a Mess?

    It wasn't all that long when David Goyer had reportedly pitched the idea for the Superman reboot to Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros as finding a modern way to approach the character. Warner Brothers being under a serious time restraint due to the lawsuit with the heirs to characters creators decided to move forward with Goyers pitch. They commissioned him to write a treatment and speculation began as to who would direct, who would star and where the story would take place.

    Cut to yesterday and we now know that the incredibly talented Zack Fuckin' Snyder is directing and General Zod most notably from the second Superman film will be the main villain. Snyder was quoted by TOLDJA! as saying:

    “It’s early yet, but I can tell you that what David and Chris have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I’ve always felt he was kind of awesome.”

    As far as the franchise is now concerned you would assume it couldn't be in better hands with a presumably awesome treatment from Goyer handed in and Snyder on board to direct not to mention Nolan producing. However a report from Vulture recently published would suggest otherwise.

    They've learned that the story will follow Clark Kent, a journalist traveling the world “trying to decide if he should, in fact, even become Superman.” Which sounds entirely opposite of the previous statements from either Nolan or Goyer regarding the direction the film would take. Goyer was previously quoted as saying that the film would involve an established Superman with no mention what so ever of an origin story, but Vulture suggests The pitch isn’t too far off from a twelve-issue comic book limited series called Superman: Birthright DC Comics released in 2003 and 2004. Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu, the story attempted to retell the Superman origin story for the 21st century. In the story. Clark Kent is a freelance reporter in his early twenties, traveling the world to cover news stories. While covering an ethnic conflict between the fictional Ghuri and Turaaba clans in West Africa, he is forced to use his super powers to attain a fleeing assassin. This results in Kent returning to Smallville to learn more about his alien heritage and make the decision to become Superman.

    The report also suggested that Goyers treatment was a bit of a mess as it was rushed. Apparently Snyder being brought on board was due to The studio needing a new Superman movie in production by 2011 before they could potentially lose the rights to the current film franchise.

    I wouldn't assume Vulture would publish a complete BS report with out any validity to it, but their story almost has too many holes in it to not be brought into question. I think it was already obvious Snyder would be rewriting and/or adding additional writing regardless of the treatment in place if anything just to put his own touches on the film. The report however suggests that Goyer's treatment was nearly incompetent to the point that they rushed out to find a director to fix it to avoid delaying the production any further. What bothers me about this is that Goyer has had a hand in writing both Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the forthcoming Batman 3 all of which have been under the supervision of Nolan. Now would Nolan have agreed to come on board the project and at that moved forward with casting and the addition of a director if the treatment wasn't already up to snuff, I seriously doubt it.

    I don't for a second doubt that Snyder will put together a high quality project in a timely manner, but I would seriously doubt this was the sole reason behind him being hired. I'm expecting Warner Bros will release a new press release within the next few days as damage control regardless of the validity behind Vultures report. For now this is something I'll be taking with a grain of salt, but I could be wrong in which case I only hope we at least receive something a notch above what Superman Returns did for the character.


    Green Lantern Gets Online

    Straight from Geoff Johns' official twitter, a website for the upcoming Green Lantern film is now live.

    While it only includes a logo and release date, its great to see the site finally go up with possible updates in the coming months. Its been rumored that the first trailer will be attached with Deathly Hallows Part 1, so that may end up being the first item on the page.

    I can picture a phrase hidden on the site that you can click to find some easter eggs; "No evil shall escape this website."


    El Presidente Could Be A Few Good Men Reunion

    Whether it's Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson if you think of one of them, your head is bound to go straight to that military court-room confrontation from A Few Good Men. It's so well known (and parodied) that any possible reunion of the two actors will always bring up a "Can they top that?" question from people.

    The Los Angeles Times says that chance may be coming. Warner Brothers is eyeing the two to headline the action-comedy El Presidente, penned by television writer Dan Goor whose filmography mostly includes late night talk shows and more recently the criminally under-watched comedy Parks & Recreation.

    The story centers on a Secret Service agent assigned to protect an ex-president. When an assassination attempt is made on the "bumbling and degenerate" former sitting president, the two are forced on the run. Not a practically intriguing concept, but obviously it'll be about execution on the part on the filmmakers and, in this case, what actors are secured for said lead roles.

    Cruise is attached for the agent part (obviously) and an offer has been sent to Nicholson for Mr. President. If WB counts their blessings and can get both deals locked, would audiences pay to see a Cruise/Nicholson reunion? I think so.


    Emma Stone Playing Gwen Stacy (!?!) in Spider-Man

    A few days ago, Sony reportedly sent an offer to Emma Stone for the female lead in their forthcoming Spider-Man reboot. Considering her working relationship with them (Easy A has proven to be a nice hit in theatres right now and she co-starred in other hits Superbad and Zombieland), many suggested she'd likely take the gig.

    Well, she made her decision and the answer is "Yes." She'll be smooching Andrew Garfield come July 2012. But holy plot twist, she won't be red-head Mary Jane Watson as everyone (including yours truly, I won't lie) assumed but instead Gwen Stacy. Well, she is a natural blonde, to be fair.

    I was really hoping she'd veto the offer because she doesn't "need" this franchise at this juncture in her career. Don't see how exactly she'd benefit from associated with it either. For her sake, I hope the payday is good (at least, up to snuff with her wall-crawling leading man's $500 Gs salary).

    Spider-Man will swing into regular and 3D theatres July 3, 2012 – where it will get its balls kicked in by Star Trek 2 (opening mere days before) and Batman 3 (opens July 20).


    "All Good Things" Poster

    Inspired by the most notorious missing person's case in New York history, ALL GOOD THINGS is a love story and murder mystery set against the backdrop of a New York real estate dynasty in the 1980s. Produced and directed by Andrew Jarecki (director of the Academy Award-nominated doc Capturing the Friedmans and producer of Catfish), the film was inspired by the story of Robert Durst, scion of the wealthy Durst family.  Mr. Durst was suspected but never tried for killing his wife Kathie who disappeared in 1982 and was never found.  The film stars Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst and Frank Langella as the powerful patriarch, and captures the emotion and complexion of this real-life unsolved mystery.

    ALL GOOD THINGS premieres on Magnolia On Demand November 5, 2010 and opens in theaters December 17, 2010.