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    Weekend Box Office: September 10-12

    Courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

    1. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $27.7 million

    2. Takers - $6.1 million

    3. The American - $5.8 million

    4. Machete - $4.2 million

    5. Going the Distance - $3.8 million

    6. The Other Guys - $3.6 million

    7. The Last Exorcism - $3.4 million

    8. The Expendables - $3.2 million

    9. Inception - $3 million

    10. Eat Pray Love - $2.9 million

    The fourth film of the Resident Evil franchise was the only film showing any signs of life this weekend, opening with $27.7 million.  That's the highest opening weekend for any of the Resident Evil films, however, that was most likely due to inflated ticket prices since this was the first film in the series to open in 3D, as well as 141 IMAX theaters.

    Takers held on decently, taking second place with $6.1 million.  The American didn't hold up as well thanks to some not-so-good word of mouth in its second weekend, dropping 55% with $5.8 million.  However, Machete took the biggest plunge of the weekend, dropping 63% with just $4.2 million. 

    The good news for the Drew Barrymore/Justin Long romantic comedy Going the Distance is that it had the smallest drop out of all of last weekend's new releases.  The bad news is that the movie tanked last weekend, so despite the smaller drop, its total gross stands as just a paltry $14 million.

    The rest of the top ten is basically a broken record of everything from last week.  The Other Guys moved up from 7th to 6th place with $3.6 million, and The Expendables inched that much closer to $100 million with another $3.2 million this weekend.  Just behind that was Inception, which brought its domestic total to $282 million.  Eat Pray Love is doing okay business for a Julia Roberts film, rounding out the top ten with $2.9 million for a total of $74 million.

    Next weekend sees the releases of the animated Alpha and Omega, the comedy Easy A, and Ben Affleck's The Town, which is shaping up to be the only movie likely to breathe any sort of life into the box office.  Stay turned.


    New Tron Legacy Footage

    Comingsoon.Net has gotten hold of some new footage from the hotly anticipated Tron Legacy that was shown on the Disney Channel Sneak Peak.

    I'm intrigued to see how this does, the new footage is the best to date I feel and adds a human journey hook that was kind of in the background in the other trailers. My gut feeling is the movie will either hit big and grab people's attention and imagination, or it will bomd hard, no middle ground.

    Tron Legacy opens  in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D on December 17 and you can check out the new footage below.


    'Expendables 2' happening sooner than we think?

    Out promoting Ben Affleck's, The Town, producer Basil Iwanyk (The Expendables) had a chance to talk about the buzz of a sequel to this summer's action hit.  The suit had this to say:

    "I saw Avi Lerner this morning, who deserves all the credit for it.  He really went on the line for the movie. He told me, 'We're doing a sequel, we're doing it right away.' I haven't talked to Sly at all about what's going to happen in the sequel. It's going to rock and you can just imagine in your head who will be in that cast in addition to the people who are there now. But I'm not sure. There's a lot of excitement and I know that Avi and Sly want to go at it as soon as possible."

    I figure due to the success of Stallone's action fest, this baby will start filming by late next year and come out Summer 2012, already packed with plenty of tentpole releases.  Hopefully Sly makes the sequel bigger and better than the first one (although I know he will).


    Tim Allen to return to TV?

    It's been well over a decade since Tim "The Toolman" Taylor hung up his tool belt and waved goodbye to TV.  But could it be that Mr. Allen is having thoughts about returning to the small screen?  EW reports the comedian is considering coming back to primetime in the Fall of 2011 IF it's the "right project."

    “It will be huge,” predicts one manager of Allen’s comeback — if and when it happens. Another source indicated that the actor is taking “a few select meetings” with writer-producers, one of whom may include Greg Daniels (Parks & Recreation, The Office). Is there a chance that Allen could even join the staff of Dunder-Mifflin?

    Never been that big a fan of Allen, but I think he would be a great replacement for Carell on The Office.  They need a big name to fill Michael Scott's shoes.  Maybe Tim "The Toolman" is the right fit.  We shall see.


    Clint Eastwood's 'Hereafter' Trailer

    The story of three people who are touched by death in different ways, Hereafter stars Matt Damon as George, a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie (Cecile De France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shakes her reality. And when Marcus, a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might--or must--exist in the hereafter.
    I have to say, this film looks exceptional.  Clint Eastwood almost seems to never make a bad film, plus, anything with Matt Damon is worth seeing.  Looking forward to this one as it hits theaters October 22nd.


    Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark Song on GMA

    The long-delayed musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark is finally opening on Broadway this fall, and the creative team kicked things off on Good Morning America today with interviews with director Julie Taymor, U2's Bono and The Edge, as well as the first interview with Reeve Carney, who will be playing Spiderman/Peter Parker.

    First up were the interviews with Taymor, Bono and The Edge where they discussed their ideas for the show and gave us a first look at some of the wild sets and costumes.  The show will also feature a new villian called Swiss Miss, who is made up entirely of Swiss Army knives.  No, I'm not making that up.  That costume photo is featured below, as well as another photo of the Green Goblin looking like an escapee from the Broadway production of The Lion King


    Next up was a meet-and-greet with Reeve Carney, who seems as flabbergasted as the rest us of that Spiderman is now a Broadway musical.  We also got a look at one of the more bizzare t-shirts worn by fans in the audience. 


    Finally they got around to the damn song, which was called "Boy Falls From The Sky."  I can't picture it yet as a song related to Spiderman (or Peter Parker, for that matter), but it's definitely a U2 song, that's for sure.

    Again, I'm still not sure I'm sold on this whole thing.  I'm a big U2 fan, Julie Taymor's staging of The Lion King was amazing, and I do love Broadway musicals.  But I've never warmed up to the idea of Spiderman as Broadway musical material, and this whole project seems like it's going to be far too massive to work.  I'm going to hold out until previews are underway and we get some real reviews of the show before I decide whether or not I'm going to shell out for some ridiculously overpriced Broadway show tickets to see the show.

    Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark starts previews at the Foxwoods Theatre on November 14, and will officially open on December 21.  Tickets go on sale to the public on Monday.


    New Megamind Trailer

    Dreamworks Animation rarely gets to bathe in the spotlight due to the Pixar juggernaut, but occasionally it has a standout moment and Megamind looks like it might just be one of those.

    Featuring the voices of Will Ferrel, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, Megamind is Dreamworks take on the superhero genre, only from the perspective of a very oldschool supervillain, and asks the question of what would the supervillain do if he ever actually defeated the superhero? However this trailer seems to focus more on the redemptive second half of the movie.

    Megamind opens on November 5th and you can check out the new trailer below.


    New Tron Legacy Poster

    Comingsoon.Net has gotten hold of a new poster for the forthcoming Tron sequel and I think I speak for most red blooded males in saying it's the best to date.

    Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 80's cult classic Tron  and will be the big tentpole release from Disney this Christmas, should be interesting to see if it finds an audience all these years on.


    Country Strong Trailer

    After the Oscar success of "Crazy Heart" here comes another boozehound country singer redemption tale, only this time it's a female singer played by Gwyneth Paltrow and she has a loving hubby/manager supporting her, played by real life Country legend Tim McGraw.

    This looks like standard fare that can be elevated by the lead performances, throw in a young maverick country star (Garrett Hedlund) who strikes up a relationship with Paltrow's older strummer and helps her get back on track with a comeback tour, as well as a young female rival (Leighton Meester) and this is likely to be a solid drama with a decent soundtrack.



    John McTiernan Returns To The Directors Chair With Shrapnel

    John McTiernan was the man in the late 80's when it came to action movies, delivering classics "Die Hard" and "Predator" back to back, however he has not made a film since the underwhelming "Basic" in 2003 and has spent the last few years in legal trouble, however he is set to return to the fray with a new movie entitled "Shrapnel" according to the Trades.

    The film, not to be confused with the in development comic book adaption, is centered on two war veterans engaged in a game of cat and mouse, the script is by Evan Daughtery and featured on the 2008 Black List. Casting is expected to be announced shortly.

    I'd love to see McTiernan recapture his glory days with this film, casting-wise maybe he can call on some old friends to give the film a star power boost, Bruce Willis and John Travolta maybe?