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    Hilary Duff in Contention for Spider-Man Reboot

    Feels a bit like déjà vu from a year ago when every actress under the sun was rumored to be Black Cat for Spider-Man 4. With the newbie Webhead secured in Andrew Garfield, it's time to fill out the supporting players, including an as-yet-cast villain and the young dame to cause heartbreak and cock-teasing. In the case of this new iteration, we're talking about Gwen Stacey.

    In a piece focused on her home with husband Mike Comrie, the Globe & Mail gave away that former teen-star Hilary Duff is up for the role in the 3D reboot:

    "Although tastefully furnished (Comrie says he's unsure if anything is from The Brick), it is relatively humble by Beverly Hills standards. The kitchen contains evidence of their professional lives – his daily diet is posted on the fridge (from a bacon cheddar burrito for breakfast to five pigs-in-a-blanket as a nighttime snack) and a script marked 'Spiderman' sits on the table, with lines for a character simply called “girl” highlighted in yellow (rumours swirl about who Spidey's love interest will be in the series' next instalment.)"

    I'm sure there's no way they thought putting that spec of a detail wouldn't spike up the hit-counts for a post most normally wouldn't give any attention to! She's such a logical choice for Gwen too! I mean she already has blonde hair and all. She’s perfect!

    All power to her, but I'm not holding my breath expecting Marc Webb & Co. to go this way.


    Martin Freeman to The Hobbit: "Thanks, But No Thanks!"

    What happened to Tobey Maguire and The Hobbit? I didn't doubt those rumors originating towards the end of last year and since his reign as Spider-Man is over, shouldn't it have been easy to get his signature on a deal to headline the Lord of the Rings precursor?

    Nonetheless, another actor is rumored to be in the running for the youthful Mr. Baggins.

    According to The Sun, an offer was made by Martin Freeman, star of the original UK incarnation of The Office and currently of the BBC hit Sherlock. He's been a fan-favorite for the role, but don't start leaping for joy fanboys. He apparently 86ed the opportunity to succeed Sir Ian Holm:

    "It was too late for Martin because he had already signed up for another series of Sherlock. It was agonising but he had no other choice."

    Since this originated from the UK tabloids, there's a 99.999999% chance this is utter bullshit, and that would make me a sucker for even running with this. But hey someone has to keep spreading false hope about The Hobbit.


    Gemma Arterton Meeting Ridley Scott about Alien Prequels

    Even with the talent involved, I don't give a damn about these proposed Alien prequels. Please, Ridley Scott, we don’t need to be told in specific details just where those acid-blooded fuckers came from or what the deal is (well, was) with the giant space jockey. Some things are just better left to our imagination, or fan-fiction.

    Alas, 20th Century Fox seems content with moving this forward and I get the impression this will happen with or without Scott behind the helm. Maybe his logic is "I might as well be the guy to do it, right?" *Shrugs*

    Speaking to The Times (via Digital Spy), Gemma Arterton confesses she'll soon meet with the Blade Runner helmer upon his request after seeing her performance in The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Details are being kept to the minimum, but rest assured she wouldn't be playing a younger Ellen Ripley. Oh God, please tell me Ripley's mum isn’t the lead.

    With Quantum of Solace, Prince of Persia, Clash of the Titans (and its 2012 sequel lensing next Spring), doesn't she have enough tentpoles under her belt already?


    Natalie Portman Offered Gravity

    Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, plagued with delays and ill-fated searches for its lead, may have found salvation.

    Hot off the heels of the glowing reviews for Black Swan, Risky Business says a firm offer has been sent to Natalie Portman to headline the ambitious space-set 3D Robert Downey Jr. co-starring project.

    This comes after two rejections from original choice Angelina Jolie, recent rumblings of Rachel Weisz being name-dropped (via Latino Review), and Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively being earlier touted as the two finalists.

    She doesn't have the overseas box-office appeal of Jolie (a key, but fair, reasoning behind Warner Brothers' hesitance). But she has a crop of high-profilers hitting next year – the Ivan Reitman-directed comedy No Strings, Your Highness and, of course, Thor.

    Knock on wood, this crisis has been averted and she accepts.


    Weekend Box Office: September 3-5

    Courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

    1.  The American - $13.1 million

    2.  Machete - $11.4 million

    3.  Takers - $10.9 million

    4.  The Last Exorcism - $7.4 million

    5.  Going the Distance - $6.9 million

    6.  The Expendables - $6.6 million

    7.  The Other Guys - $5.3 million

    8.  Eat Pray Love - $4.8 million

    9.  Inception $4.5 million

    10.  Nanny McPhee Returns - $3.5 million

    George Clooney proved a box office winner this Labor Day weekend, easily beating out Robert Rodrieguez' Machete for first place with $13.1 million for the weekend and a $19 million total since opening last Wednesday. 

    Machete performed strongest on its opening day on Friday, although business was steady enough through the weekend to finish in second place with $11.4 million ($14 million total including the Monday holiday).  Last weekend's winner, Takers, held on surprising well, dropping 47% to come in third place with $10.9 million.  It's total domestic gross now stands at $39.9 billion, which isn't bad for a film released during one of the quickly-forgotten last weekends of the summer.

    The holiday weekend was not as kind to The Last Exorcism, which dropped a whopping 64% from its opening weekend with just $7.4 million.  Still, that's better than Drew Barrymore's romantic comedy Going the Distance did this weekend, which barely outdistanced The Expendables' $6.6 million to come in fifth place with just $6.9 million. 

    The rest of the top ten consisted of holdovers that played well while most audiences enjoyed the last official weekend of the summer.  Even Nanny McPhee won the battle against a re-release of Toy Story 3 to round out the top 10 with another $3.5 million.  Toy Story 3's box office shot up 89% this weekend, add another $1.9 million to its staggering (and well-deserved) $408 million domestic total. 

    We start the fall movie season next week with Resident Evil: Afterlife kicking all of those sweet family movies out of the 3D theaters.   Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


    Andrew Garfield talks 'Spider-Man'

    After being silent for over two months since it was announced, Andrew Garfield has finally spoken of what it's like to be the new Spider-Man.  In an interview with The Trades, promoting Never Let Me Go and The Social Network (both films I'm definitely seeing), Garfield states:

    "I have been waiting for this phone call for 24 years, for someone to call me up and say, "Hey, we want you to pretend to be a character that you’ve always wanted to be all your life, and we’re going to do it with cool cameras and cool effects and you’re going to feel like you’re swinging through New York City. Do you want to do that?" [laughs] “Let me just consult with my seven-year old self and see what he thinks...” So my seven-year-old self started screaming in my soul and saying, This is what we’ve been waiting for. Like every young boy who feels stronger on the inside than they look on the outside, any skinny boy basically who wishes their muscles matched their sense of injustice, God, it’s just the stuff that dreams are made of, for sure. It’s a true f*cking honor to be part of this symbol that I actually think is a very important symbol and it’s meant a great deal to me, and it continues to mean something to people. So yeah, I feel like I’ve been preparing for it for a while. Ever since Halloween when I was four years old and I wore my first Spider-Man costume."

    It sounds like the guy is really passionate about the role.  I'm yet to see a film of his, but everything I've read says this guy is an extremely talented actor.  We'll see how he does come Summer 2012.


    An update on 'Batman 3'

    Via the always reliable Batman-on-Film, it seems the hush-hush Batman 3 is still being scripted right now.  As Jett reports:

    According to our old friend "A.P.," BATMAN 3 is still currently in the script stage. As of yet, no start-of-production date, etc. have been set. From what I've been able to gather, we're at the point where director Chris Nolan is giving brother Jonathan Nolan's script a polish. As far as an announcement, it'll come via the trades before the end of 2010. Since it is already September, that means sooner rather than later.

    So what does this all mean?  Well basically, Chris Nolan is putting the finishing touches on the Batman 3 script so casting should begin soon if it has not started already.  Also, if an announcement is coming before the end of the year, we should know by January what the title is, who the villian will be, whose joining the cast, and when filming begins (probably around Spring of next year).

    Looking forward to all this.  Now I wonder if Christian Bale will come out of the cave he's been hiding in for the past year and a half...


    Aussie Musical "Bran Nue Dae" Opens September 10th

    "One of the most delightful, heartfelt and crowd-pleasing musical comedies in years."- Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

    ****(Four stars) “I loved this film!”- Win Kang, OC Examiner

    "Hilarious...A celebration. The next homegrown cinema classic" - MTV (Australia)

    The film Stars Australian Idol winner Jessica Mauboy and Pirates of the Caribbean’s Geoffrey Rush!!!


    "Lake Placid 3" Green Band Trailer

    The monster crocodiles return in a frightening new installment of the successful horror franchise when the unrated Lake Placid 3 debuts on DVD October 26 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Colin Ferguson (TV’s “Eureka”), Yancy Butler (Kickass), Kacey Barnfield (Resident Evil: Afterlife), and Michael Ironside (Terminator Salvation) star in the latest incarnation of the campy, blood-thirsty horror series. Fans will eat up the steamy, sexy and gory Lake Placid 3 when it arrives on DVD for $24.96 SRP, boasting unrated, unreleased scenes suitable only for adult audiences.

    Get ready for a living, feeding nightmare when a swarm of gigantic crocodiles terrorizes a secluded country lake. When local wildlife is brutally mauled and campers are reduced to carcasses, biologist Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson) knows a voracious predator is on the loose. So does a feisty female hunting guide (Yancy Butler) out for her next trophy. As the body count rises, the local sheriff tries to keep things quiet and keep the tourists coming. But when the horrifying, hulking truth emerges, can anyone stop these cold blooded killers before they claim their next victim? Lake Placid 3 is pulse pounding, adrenaline pumping, pure horror film fun.

    Lake Placid 3 has a running time of 93 minutes and is unrated. The film contains graphic violence and full frontal nudity.


    New Clip "Devil"

    Universal Pictures has released a new clip for the M. Night Shyamalan produced thriller Devil.

    Does anyone care what M. Night does anymore, I seriously doubt it. After his last outing with the craptacular Last Airbender and the video of him shitting on reporters for questioning his current film making ability while promoting the film, I really would have thought he burned all his bridges, guess not. Even though he's only producing this, if it flops I have a feeling we won't see anything from him for quite some time if ever again.

    The plot which I know you don't really care about has to do with a group of people being trapped in an elevator together with the twist being one of them is...the devil! It might actually sound somewhat interesting had Shyamalan's box office poison name not been attached to it.