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    New Bruce Lee Movie In the Works

    Though most from my generation are familar with Bruce Lee from the early 90s film, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (still one of Rob Cohen's only good movies), it came out two decades ago so it doesn't shock me Hollywood wants to do an updated version.

    News this week is that Birth of the Dragon, a film based on Bruce Lee's last official fight with Wong Jack Man (no idiots, no relation to Hugh Jackman), is in the works with Oscar nominated writers Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele (Nixon, Ali) writing the script.

    For those unfamilar, Lee's fight with Wong Jack Man was shown in Dragon as ending with Jack Man breaking Lee's back (Lee actually broke his back weighlifting in his backyard)

    This fight - which took place in 1965 in Oakland, California - is somewhat shadowed in secrecy as few where actually there to witness it though it is known Lee won the fight by TKO after chasing Jack Man around for a lengthy period of time (this led Lee to become a more complete, well-rounded fighter as he felt the fight lasted too long...the birth of Jeet Kune Do).

    No official start date is set for the project though it could begin filming by next year.

    Whoever nabs the role of Bruce Lee though, they have almost impossible shoes to fill (Jason Scott Lee somehow pulled it off).

    Source: Deadline

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