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    Mark Hamill Opens Up About Episode VII

    Mark Hamill, of the three Star Wars leads, has kept the closest ties since Return of the Jedi. Not out of a sense of desperation or lack of funds. He's the premiere voice over actor in showbiz and has been for decades, earned a fortune from the Wing Commander games in the 90s and owns point off Star Wars (still makes money from the original). Cash is not the issue.

    Hamill goes to the conventions and meets and greets fans because he appreciates them and what Star Wars has done for him. So of course, he's the first one, among him, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, to publicly go into details about Episode VII. Besides the typical, "Sure, I'd love to come back!" non-newsy quotes.

    The real note-worthy item from Entertainment Tonight comes here:

    "'First off, will he appear in Star Wars VII? 'They're talking to us,' he reveals. 'George [Lucas] wanted to know whether we'd be interested. He did say that if we didn't want to do it, they wouldn't cast another actor in our parts – they would write us out.'"

    Always imagined George Lucas' big contribution was making sure the original actors kept their jobs. Why hire a young, fit mime-artist as C-3PO or a random dwarf actor for R2-D2 if Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker are still ready and willing to do it? That seems to be the case.

    It's also encouraging to hear the "We'll write you out if you're not game" is code for their roles are supporting roles if not cameos. This needs to be about new characters going on new adventures in the universe. Provided the Droids play a role.

    Follow the link above for the rest including Hamill downplaying how much he knows (No way that's true), them not signed on, and what characters he thinks are deserving of a spin-off flick. Again, unlike Ford and Fisher, he never left the universe. The Force is still strong with this one.

    Reader Comments (8)

    I appreciate Mark still sticking with his roots, I cant say I have cared much for the other 2 lately, I haven't seen Ford do a good movie in many years personally. His last indiana jones was embarrassing and unwatchable but I'd love to see him come back too star wars as with Fisher. I just hope they dont look too old for the part.

    I have been reading the expanded universe star war novels and they do an exellent job of their characters. Just wish they were that awesome in their movies.

    07-3-2013 | Unregistered Commenterdavidsworld

    The script is as old as time, they will tweak it but keep it since they bought it so it could be funded into reality. Not wanting to spoil it for others but the main thing to remember is Yoda is no more, Luke is the new Yoda so age won't mean anything with Star Wars, it's more expected but the TRUE star wars fans. Also remember that Princess Leia and Han-Solo fell in love, so expect kids "The new chosen one(s)" if you will, if you've read the novels you will understand this also, and there will be a new academy for the Jedi, so there will be a great way for them to push new characters and big name actors if they wanted to. Remember the clone wars? Alright - Just remember that the emperor collaborated for all of that to happen so he had a mass army to kill off the jedi and other people who would fight him, and when he wanted to kill Vader he said how he was no longer needed for his great plan witch was never touched again, until now. Just try to think about what I've said, put two and two together, the clone wars aren't over will what so ever it will be brought back but with a huge twist and plot turn. If for some reason some of the older actors aren't up for it in the long run they will be killed for a huge dramatic effect. Regardless of all of this it will be epic, allot of people used to just talk about this idea so for it all to come to reality is a huge deal for the fan boys n girls who obsess over the old films. This is going to make it hard for the newer Star Trek films even with their all star cast in my opinion it will just be left in Star Wars shadows in the long run. Oh and Disney is making a Star Wars themed park witch will also be very cool, the blueprints are already all over the place online. I hope I did not spoil the movie as much as just shed a little light on it for other fan boys/girls.


    08-9-2013 | Unregistered CommenterIrishay

    being that disney bought starwars and is shooting the whole thing, ill be surprised if they dont kill starwars with stupid land of the jar-jars again or worse, to apease mindless 5 year olds like they did with episode 1.

    08-11-2013 | Unregistered Commenterme

    to be honest i like what Hamill,Ford & Fisher has done over the years I admit you cant please everyone but think i would like to see them return to the roles that made them Famous

    08-11-2013 | Unregistered CommenterMack Heath

    I thinks fishers best role was in Blues Brothers ....

    08-12-2013 | Unregistered CommenterEl Guapo

    This is going to be huge, a global monster, like it or not the next Star Wars movie with the original cast back will make a bigger splash by far then the last trilogy and remember, its not just the original cast, its the original ships like the millennium falcon back on screen, which was as much a character of the original trilogy as any of the actors, box office records are set to be broken methinks.....

    08-16-2013 | Unregistered Commenterkollossa

    If you think Disney is going to ruin Star Wars any more than Lucas already has with the prequels and the reworking of the originals you're a moron, they didn't spend the money to not make money and I think everyone knows how much people hate Jar Jar Binks so I don't think they're going that route.
    Chill out and think for a little while, this is new opportunity to get new directors, there's plenty of source material to work from.
    I have hope that Disney won't screw this up and with JJ directing I have a feeling it's going to get back on track like they should have years ago.
    Everyone just chill out and wait until it's out.

    10-9-2013 | Unregistered CommenterReam

    Davidsworld says he hasn't seen Ford do a good movie in years...Moronic. Ford is brilliant in "42."

    10-12-2013 | Unregistered Commenterjedimind

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