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    K&O Swinging With Spider-Man for Amazing Sequel

    Amid increasing rumblings of low internal tracking, audience indifference and not-so-hot buzz on the finished product (and how it deviates heavily away from canon), Sony is staying the course for an Amazing Spider-Man sequel. No shocker there. It would have to flop miserably for them to throw in the towel and even our box-office predictions of its impending under-performance nobody sees that happening.

    James Vanderbilt penned early drafts, and it's now being handed over to Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Those guys launched Transformers and rebooted Star Trek. Strange they'd be brought on in a pure writing capacity for a sequel to someone else's material. Yeah, I know they did for that Mission: Impossible III and The Legend of Zorro, but they were in a different place then career-wise.

    They insist filming on The Sensational Spider-Man, or whatever they call it, starts up in "the first quarter of 2013." And while I don't doubt Sony will keep the character on their home turf indefinitely, I suspect they won't be as quick to get that follow-up before cameras after July 3rd and instead reassess the property at that point.

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